The transcendental Wadax Atlantis Reference



  • I prefer Göbel Statement for grandeur of sound staging and bass prowess.
  • Ready to break in time....

  • Sterephonic,

    For Ethernet, I think there is no competition in the market with Goebel, simply ahead of the others by a lightyear.

    For USB, I am currently using Skogrand Beethoven and Goebel, frankly, I believe they are on par with each other and after months, my rusting ears are still struggling to give me a 'clear choice', may be keeping 2 for different kinds of music is the answer.

    For power...Wadax pushes out a lot of noise via various path and I strong recommend you to use one Extreme Linebacker to filter the noise pushed out to avoid contaminating the rest.  In terms of power cord selection, Dalby is my top choice followed by Skogrand Beethoven and Goebel.  I am still patiently waiting for my dearest friend Ulrik to come up with the Argento FMR EE power cord!

  • Marvel and Stereohonic,,

    Surprise yourselves and try the ZenSati SILENZIO USB cable and the SILENZIO power cord. Definition, sound stage, resoluton, dynamic range from top to bottom is astounding compared to the Skogrands.  The break in time for the SILENZO is however a few hundred hours.

  • Stereophonic
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    Hi Koala.

    Your description is part of the attributes of the Goebel USB cable. It goes even further.
    Have you ever listened it?
  • Stereophonic
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    Hi Marvel.

    I understand your USB dilemma. I'm still knocked out by the Goebel USB.
    I'm of the opinion that a component has to be so great by itself whatever music you play.
    One of the virtues of the Goebel is its polyvalence on that respect.
    Anyway the idea of two cables to each sound flavour is logic too.

    Your ethernet opinion is very welcome. I'm thinking about it.

    Respect PC, i don't like filters. I know this part of the system is the most noisy, but one of the Atlantis Server highlights is its low noise floor, so i want first to remove the ethernet noise that comes from the router to get a clean signal.
    My experience with filters has never been successful...

    I'm so happy with my current setting that I have moments when I think it's not necessary to change anything, but the Wadax Server is so stunning that it deserves the best configuration and cares...

  • Stereophonic,

     I have the Skogrands and The ZenSati SILENZIOs.

    Have you listened with the Silenzio USBs and the Power cords?

  • Hi Koala.

    No i haven't. It is impossible to me listening all the stuff that is outhere.
    I'm glad you are enjoying your Silenzio and your shared experience is welcome.
  • Stunning synergy !!!!

  • The Atlantis transport has already been delivered to a few owners.  In fact, I arranged a typhoon late night session last week.  To my surprise, "eddieida" really came with his wife and listened until 1:00a.m. with his own selection of CDs.  And why would we want to listen to CD again when the server has done such a tremendous job?  Why?  Roman came to experience and was knocked off the chair.  I should let others to share their experiences.   
  • Dear Javier, 

    May I ask you how you think the DAC from Chord Electronics? As I see both of the DAC use real time calculations before into the D/A converters.

    Thank you. Study electronics is fun to me.

  • Dear Thomas,

    The Chord approach follows the same topology as most other DACs: apply a filter to the data stream sent to the DAC. 

    Wadax approach is different to every other we are aware of: we start of with the best possible analog and DAC circuitry. We have a complete mathematical model of the DAC-analog stage (non-linearity model) and we can predict the natural deviation from ideal behaviour at every signal input. We alter the input signal so the non-linearities and other contamination agents are cancelled with the subtle changes we introduce. This technique is called feedforward and the basics have been used for a few decades in the analog domain. We have improved this process, which we call musIC process, over 10 years and we are on its 7th generation now. Its an extremely complex mathematical process.

  • allen
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    Before I listened to the Wadax transport my biggest question was not how good it would be, but "do I, or anyone, really need a transport anymore"?  Over the last few years there have been big improvements in computer audio.  In fact the Wadax server is part of this big leap forward. I never expected server music could be this good, and in fact the Atlantis sever was so good that I sold my 4-box CD system which was just upgraded to version 2.  I discovered I never turned on the CD player anymore.

    But the Wadax Transport changed things over, again.  It is impossible not to notice the big difference.  Music played through the Transport is dramatic.  The resolution improves even further.  There is so much air in the music.  And everything has scale -- real scale and not digital artefacts.  This is especially true for SACD.  Maybe it has something to do with "native decoding" -- I do not know.  But I do find myself going back to the CD store to buy new SACDs.

    Whether you look for a CD player or not, you should go to listen to the Transport plus DAC.  It is state of the art and the combo is evidence that CD/SACD replay can still improve substantially.  How little do we really understand the humble CD format!  Thank you Javier for your pioneering work
  • Dear Javier,

    Thank you so much for answering me. The reason I ask is that I purchase a chord DAC. I am really a fan of Wadax MiZiK DAC so I want to know their differences. After your answer, I may sold my chord DAC.

  • Dear Javier,

    The sound from your MiZiK DAC is great! However I see the musIC chipset isn't here, what magic do you use?? I only see a C-media usb chip and BB PCM1796A, what had you done to it?!