The transcendental Wadax Atlantis Reference



  • The upcoming Atlantis reference universal transport 

  • Wow This will be a competitor of the JMF transport.
    Are there any photos of its posterior?
  • The THOR mechanism - core of the Atlantis transport. 

  • Technical research highlights:

    It was developed using FEA (Finite Element Analysis). This kind of approach is only done on multimillion dollar projects. It allows to forecast the behaviour of the mechanical block in terms of vibrations, electromagnetic emissions, mechanical stability, etc.  For instance, FEA is applied in airplane wings, Formula 1 racing cars, etc.  

    Some of the advantages are: 1. Predictable mechanical influence from the environment to the delicate optical pickup. Optical pickup should be immune from mechanical vibration.  
    2. To ensure spinning disc stability: in a CD or SACD, rotation speed is constantly changing. This generates a collateral effect. Vibrations needs to be routed away from the pickup as quickly as possible and damped in their way out. The optimisation solution is done by FEA.  

    3. Next is electric charge build up on a compact disc. A CD is made of policarbonate (plastics).   They store static charge transferred to them. When you play a CD, the static charge starts to spin too. Lenz's Law states that any charge in motion creates a electronmagnetic wave. This wave radiates right on top of the optical to the electrical photodiode. The use of FEA created an minimisation (mechanical algorithm) by re-routing such unwanted induced currents.

    4. The advance topology of Atlantis DAC power supply is fully employed to the Atlantis transport. 

  • Hi everybody. 
    I see only references to the Atlantis Dac. 
    What about the server? 
  • The Atlantis server is no brainer. It is miles and planet away better than the Monaco SG server.  I repeat it is miles away assuming you are using the Atlantis dac. That was what my friends had brought over and compared.  This result is based on my own experiences with respect to Atlantis dac and Atlantis server using together. 
  • Hi Jeff.
    Thank you for your answer.
    I have an Esoteric D02X. I'm waiting for an Atlantis server's home demo.
    The specifications are really incredible !!!
    Have you listened the Atlantis Server with another Dac?
  • Hi Stereophonic,

    I can chip in my experience a little bit with another brand of DAC.

    My journey with the Atlantis started from late last year right around Christmas when I placed an order for the Atlantis DAC and server. Strangely, it was the server that was in stock at that time and I was offered to play with the server first before the Atlantis DAC arrives.

    The DAC I have is a not-so-well-known Phison PD2. It is fairly decent DAC at that price range (Euro 6000), but I didn't expect this combo would really enlighten me too much anyway. To my surprise I was wrong. Though I had been the PD2 as a back music player with my MacPro + Audirvana Plus, this combination of Atlantis server and PD2 totally startled me with what a music server can do. 

    I immediately whatsapp Javier, the designer of wadax, that I am so pleased with the performance of it.

  • Here is a photo of my PD2 with the Atlantis Server

  • Hi Chuck. 
    Really nice guys here.
    Coming from a computer source i can imagine the improvement.
    As an Aurender N100 owner i had the same feeling but i'm looking for a reference server that can survive the next years of technology server research boom.
    If you still have the Javier's telephone number i would send him a personal support message. I know he need it.
  • It was a huge improvement indeed over the standard apple CAS. Even more, the Atlantis server was be able to leapfrog all the sonic performance I had before including my trusty CH C1+X1 with Fidata music server HFSA1 (a very nice server from Japan), Auralic Aries Deluxe, and a QNAP fanless music server with dedicated LPS. I was totally surprised to what the Atlantis server can do to the music playing. Truly amazing. 

    For contact and further information about the Atlantis, I am sure PT can bridge you with Javier.

  • Thank you very much Chuck.
    Very nice system.
    I'll write my impressions after my home demo.

  • Wadax Atlantis universal transport at Munich Hi-End Show 2017.
    Said to be : " ... 4K video outputs (with isolated PSU) alongside the full gamut of digital audio options. It also incorporates an inclinometer that measures vibration in order for the user to be able to tune it out with the supporting equipment rack ...".