Vertere : The Best Turntable/Tonearm/Cable Maker of UK



  • The Vetere reference turntable is ready to embrace the demo of the Reference arm!
  • Finally the Vetere reference arm arrived at AE
  • It is extremely well engineered. State of the art mechanical engineering.
  • Master Chik must be present to learn all the tricks of setting it up.
  • I am too tired and naive to learn the marvellous of engineering. I rely on Master Chik
  • Fine tuning has just begun after a very good start achieved prior lunch.
  • How does it sound?
  • A friend of mine just bought the Vertere HB phono cable for his Gold Finger Statement cartridge.

    The construction is interesting. There is a module with a 3-position switch in the middle.

    Has Touraj given any tips on using it?
  • Position 3 for XLR. Position 2 - no shielding at all. Position 1 for RCA.
  • Hi Chris,

    Please tell us more about the performance of Vertere Ref tonearm and the HB phono cable here in the forum.

    Many thanks!
  • The HB phono cable is phenomenal! TJ concerns timing distortion the most (he is not a digital guy, but a pure analog man). After I connected the HB phono cable to the simplicity, it immediately opens up another dimension of staging with tremendous dynamic resolution. The phono wire is the weakest link as he rightly proclaims because the Durand Telos with the tonearm wire mounted on NVS with a SRA Virginia platform underneath, from what I experienced this morning, has no edge whatsoever against the Vetere record player/Vetere arm with HB phono. And this is not a light statement because I have a NVS/Telos myself。
  • WoW!

    The NVS in AE showroom is on a dedicated SRA Virginia whereas according to the photo, the Vertere record player is just placed casually on the rack!
  • I had the pleasure to audition the RG-1 and the reference tonearm for some time last night and discussed with TJ about the design of the turntable.
    TJ thought the weakest link is the cable in the analog replay, then Tone Arm and then the TT.
    He issued the cable firstly, followed by the very expensive reference tonearm , then the TT.
    The turntable uses the async motor awith floating design that can adjust the position according to the belt tension and deliver the constant rotation speed. It is a very clever design.
    In regards about using the Acrylic as the turntable material, TJ brought out a very important point that is the stability. He explained that even the MDF that would has moisture get inside the board which would change with temperature. For MDF, it is necessary to keep on adjusting it in high humidity env.
    The Acrylic is much user friendly.
    It is a well-engineered product base on TJ's past abundant experience in designing turntable.
    Wrt the sound, the live concert music was the main course last night. The density and layering was outstanding. Even, I'm a newbie of LP, the feeling of 'be there' experience is phenomenal.
    But for classical music, it needs further fine tuning and some more time to burn in the cartridge. But I believed that they would have good potential here.
    And I hope to audition the setup later .
  • PT, thanks again for the phenomenal Vetere super analog system. TJ explained very well the engineering of the arm. I just hope Master Chik could learn as much as he can during TJ's setup narration.

    This is the most stunning demo in recent years. I am in.
  • I and Marvel both in.
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