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Robert Koda K10 g2

同kondo M7,AN M8 相比,確知選對了
在未burn in 情況下,巳完全拋離本身使用之膽前
現在sasha 真正能唱出「音樂」、而不是播出無感情的音效


  • Eddie,

    This is a very good choice, the word 'Takumi' is not chosen by accident and used without solidity...

    Use of SRA is also a perfect choice with taste!

  • Eddie,

    K10是堅野!有冇打算配K70 G2 功放?
  • 火四爺
    巳按照你老哥之計劃行事, K70 g2 已到位
    一套巨匠最能逹到RK 設計原意,亦令我能一探super hiend 的魔力!在未達最佳狀態及配線情況下,聲音已超出預期
    同時感謝Marvel 兄到寒舍指導並帶來大量手信Dalby,Tim sig, Tim ref, linebracker, agento etc.......
  • Eddie,

    Thanks for inviting for the audition...your listening area has been tuned very well although I believe a bigger carpet may also help on the reduction of the tile floor reflection.

    The use of the SRA for K10G2/K70G2 has helped significantly on the mechanical noise reduction. Your overall sound is much more matured and coherent. With a proper mix and match of the cables and a better fine tuning on the speaker positioning, I am sure you can yield more from this amplificaiton system. By then, you will start realising the Sasha has reached a ceiling not able to meet your expectation.

    Enjoy the journey!
  • Eddie兄,

    你的Super Hi End感受如何?可否具體分享一下?你一定要加個Troy signature先!我認為線可以後加。最好用Goebel statement 在K70G2, 天作之合合,所向無敵。喇叭線用Absolue Creation 的Tim reference 就夠班!
  • Fire4,

    Are you using K15 and K70G2? What speaker are you using? I am just curious that your suggested cable usage does match perfectly with what I think is the best choice. In fact, I believe K15 mates very well with Dalby power cable. Have you ever tried?

  • 我好簡單,PT用乜我就用乜。佢用Goebel statement power 在 Trinity 前級和 K15前級,我就知掂。連Zanden長空也是用Goebel statement power, 已經是絕對信心保證啦。Dalby好貴,我買不起,但PT用Ode power在Trinity amp, 我就知掂。Speaker cable, 一定是Goebel statement 啦,唔通用Odin咩!有人荀對Odin給我,聽了一天,急急拆除,冇低音層次,中高太響,中低冇彈力,冇立體感,實在不明為何被譽為名線。對於對低音冇要求的用家,可能覺得佢好吧。我的speakers 是 Wilson Maxx
  • Eddie, good to watch the comments in Hiendy as I am not a member of that forum. I am most impressed by the comment that it is the best Sasha suond pairing with K10/K70G2. It returns a lot of justice to the speaker when a lot cannot tame it right. The key is on your Troy Signature, room acoustics, SRA stands doing all the job in draining out the ground noises, mechanical noise....Linebacker / Extreme Linebacker is perhaps the next step to address the electronics noise...with a quiet and dark background, you can hear more details and have a more accurate assessment of your gears, cables included.

    Vertere speaker cable is also another jewel hidden in a hastead. Don't judge by the look, performance is the ultimate factor for bringing into your system.

    In my view, the source should take a higher priority although you feel strongly to go for the Chopin....

  • my new partner :
    Wadax pre1 mk2
    troy sig
    Chopin sig
  • 陳兄,

  • 又多一人用Robert 前後放棄Wilson, 遲早到我。我又想Wagner加Rach sub, 但又想一步登天買對Carmen.
  • 希望PT考慮賣Showroom對Carmen比我。
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