World Premier: Linebacker Extreme by Pranawire

It was originally planned to present at the 2nd AE super show. This is a fine piece of work by Joe Cohen over a period of more than 1 year. It is built like an amp.

I shall leave to David who will write the first report of the linebacker XE.


  • I used it with the Wadax in conjunction with Emperor AC/Ground.
  • First impressions after just 3 hours of burn-in - music feels calmer, more space. Bass is better - notes more delineated; less smearing of one note into another. Also hearing more hidden detail in music i know very well, which is interesting.
  • David

    The XE is awesome, considering the presence of Troy signature (Dalby pearl ground wire), Tripoint Orion, and JMF in my system. The improvement is "dramatic" in unveiling "nano" details. Space surrounding each objects is more apparent. That makes everything more holistic.

    I am waiting for your report as I only enjoyed it for a shortwhile only.
  • I had my doubt on it because the quality of AE showroom is already beyond conventional comprehension. This is particularly with Tripoint emperor ground and emperor AC on place. Adding linebackers XE would be somewhat redundant. PT always has his own ideas and don't think like me at least. He used one XE on the Wadax. I was there by accident when he connected it. It was brand new, not yet broken in, but I had to say the improvement despite all the crazy level accessories there was "substantial". The space surrounding "each" objects in the scene has become more apparent. But they are not broken. Soundstage remains continuous. It was about an hour of audition, everything was not even warmed up. Then PT disconnected it and dispatched to David immediately.
  • Tremendous improvement on the Trinity DAC!
  • The whole world knows the supremacy of the Trinity DAC. We improve the performance by connecting it to Troy. The silence is in a class of its own even without connecting to Troy, frankly speaking. I was curious how the linebacker extreme can bring further improvement in bringing noises down, when they are already non-existent to my ears.

    The linebacker extreme is very well built as an instrument. The aesthetic offers immediate confidence. What does it do then? Hard to describe in words. It is a new class of "silence" manifest primarily in spatial resolution, calmness and fluidity of flow. I listened to it when the system is already connected to the Tripoint Emperor AC - the king of all AC conditioners in the world now. The linebacker XE is big deal, very big deal. I must say the spatial resolution is one of a kind
  • Soundstage opens up on all axis when XS is connected to Trinity PC. The opening up of the soundstage is filled with substance (acoustic energy). That makes the experience very real and live even more. The Trinity PC was connected to Troy already with Dalby Pearl ground.
  • Reveals much more "harmonic development" of lower mid range all the way to the deep bass (if your room and speakers can deliver it). That in turn redefines the dimensionality of the sound field and the palpablity of image. The resolution of the "audience" in live recording is staggering
  • Conclusion can be made in less than ten seconds when comparing the original Linebacker and the Linebacker Extreme plugged in to the Trinity PC ….. The whole image is much more clearer and the space is wider for the same track ….Current Linebacker user should consider this upgrade…….
  • So, after a couple of weeks, my final verdict on the linebacker xe is "WOW". I'm not going to mention bass or treble or resolution. Just that I feel it helps take me further "inside" the music... Performers seem much more real. Instruments seem much more real. Bow scrapes across violins - the micro details are astounding - but its not that you are overwhelmed with detail, it's just there naturally. Listening now is the least "audiophile" I've felt for ages. There's a law of diminishing returns with upgrades, we keep pushing for the slightest improvement we can get. Linebacker xe is not a slight upgrade, for me it's huge. A real achievement. It really is special.
  • Marcus,

    What is your own system? I have to agree with your observation. But it is more than that. I proclaim all Trinity user should consider the damn Linebacker XE for the Trinity PC, even though you guys already stuffed it with Troy signature, Daly ground wires and all sort of fancy power cables. It won't be a fucking PC again. When you take it out, it is a fucking PC -mother of all noises.

    And probably Dietmar would not believe how far his digital suite can go. I am sure everyone knows the Weavers Reunion at Carnegie Hall. When I was playing it in hi rez mode under the Trinity suite with linebacker extreme at the PC position, I proclaim I have never experienced the presence of live realism of the vocal AND the audeinces surpassing all TOP VINYL setups whom I experienced in Tokyo. I listened together with Sugano san and Jeff frmo Taiwan.

    I know I have a big mouth. Please don't start fucking me first. I talked big but I don't fucking bluff.
  • When is the linebacker XE due? The wait has been quite long. The frustration of waiting grows together with all those "occupy central" news.
  • Pranawire is making them as fast as they can. Please be patient for another month. The chassis are now waiting for anodizing.
  • Why it takes so long for XE to be delivered?
  • Guys, please wait another two weeks. They are now at the stage of pre-conditioning before shipment.