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宙光/仁風/長空/火雲 by Yamada Kazutoshi of Zanden Audio



  • Everyone is shocked. This is a crowning achievement of Yamada Kazutoshi.
  • 我認為是時候北上神洲巡回表演
  • Today was simply a great day.
  • 可惜身在國內錯過了宙光和長空的首演。有其中一個聽過的極資深的發燒前輩對我説,回家後聽了半首鄧麗君NHK演唱會黑膠的何日君再來, 便關了機不想再聽,然後嘗試忘記,但暫時做不到。
  • Yes, It's time not only for 北上神洲巡迴表演 but also at AE's HK Show and shows overseas such as Munich & CES.

    However, it's not easy.
    How many sets of 宙光和長空 can Yamada San make per year?
    I guess all will be pre-ordered by audiophiles.
    edited December 2015
    It was a Saturday morning on 12/12, 2015. I was heading for an audition of the Yamada san’s CHUKOH (宙光) Preamp. No LPs were brought along. How come? Well, Chris has lots of sexy stuffs, so why bother bringing mine. Pick any one of your liking from him and you would definitely be hooked up, sooner or later. Though, Chris’s LPs have no luck of receiving the same exemplary service that we customers and friends alike have had from him. Could you please treat them well and with respect?

    This is the first time I met Yamada san. Exactly the kind of excitement that you would have if you were to meet Bruce Lee. Yes, Bruce Lee, I am a Chinese. BUT I stayed calm all the way.

    Teresa Tang Live, the Wall, Maria Joao Pires - Mozart Sonata, La Folia, Carmina (Telarc), Natalie Cole Unforgettable LP, Three Kingdoms, Hotel California live, Beethoven Sonata (spring) - Isabelle Faust, Kaze (北山修), Teresa lives.

    You would not do any justice if you are to describe Yamada san’s masterpiece, CHUKOH (宙光), by using any hifi terms. They are descriptive in the sense that they are to describe something which is an illusion, not real, only hi fidelity at the most.

    It was as if we were right at the arena, small, large or huge, you name it, where the performance was performed and the recording was done.

    The only limitation is not the preamp itself but the recording that limits, NOT the performance of CHUKOH (宙光) (this have to be emphasised in no less clear term), your chance of having an unbelievable real live performance once in a life time, but AT HOME.

    I was sitting at the prime seat when it comes to Kaze by 北山修. Yeah, Yamada san was singing along with cheers and joy, not because of CHUKOH (宙光) (I could tell without doubt from his eyes), but solely for the real live performance that we (Yamada san, Chris, Marvel, Wilson, Eddie, Tsong and I) have had the privilege to attend on 19 June 1971 in Mainichi Hall, Osaka during that magical 4 odd minutes.

    My salute to Yamada san.
  • First of all, my sincere congratulation to Yamada san to finally complete this Chukoh project with flying colors. It has been a long wait but the stunning outlook of the power supply and the suspension driven design of the 3 in 1 main chassis make all the wait worthwhile and enjoyable.

    I agree with every single comments has been made by Joe and many others who have listened to Chukoh in the past 2 days. It is a daring design to deploy a 300b tube in the preamp stage on each channel. Is it noisy, absolutely not! Quite the contrary, it delivers an unprecedented openness, calmness and stress free dynamics....all LPs were played back to a level unheard of in the AE Showroom. I really hope I could have more time to listen to it! When will the next one come?

  • I missed this too. When is the next one due?
  • I can see the "passion" and "awe" from you guys writings.
  • The whole town is talking about this Zanden super preamp. Friends of mine using Audio Note M10 signature is particularly interested in a back to back fight. Aesthetic-wise, the Zanden is miles ahead of ANUK and Kondo in my honest opinion. I see passion, technical mastery and sincerity from Yamada San. Even though I had not listened to it, I could feel the passion and awe from the write ups of you guys.
  • 2015 最後1季相當精彩,先試過原子粒k15ex, 再有無源設計cessaro air 1 , 到上星期六有緣1試山田先生巨作宙光。到AE 前衹有1疑問,究竟k15ex 及air 1 之上還有多少空間?
    期間PT非常勤力換碟爭取時間,第1次感覺到PT 有D激動!! 2個多小時聽左很多不同曲目。
    原來,聽hi fi 可以咁單純。
  • Eddieida兄, 我冇運聽不到宙光, 但有國內超級發燒友在貴仁黃聽後大讚, 更聽聞草哥會有動作.
  • edited December 2015
  • When will the next unit arrive?
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