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Engstrom Sound from Sweden - the Pinnacle of Scandinavian School



  • it sounds so good right after the box driven by a complete suite of Robert Koda K10/K70 G2 fed completely into the JMF PCD302. And I truly mean it because the room is excellent. Ralph and I never experience the system sounds so right and so quick. It seems everything just dials in automatically.
  • 好鲜烈的顏色配合,但是條Nordost speaker cable最好盡快離開,用Absolue creation 又或是Goebel statement立刻殺走它吧。
  • Fire4,

    Why do you think the speaker cable should go? I would suggest the owner ahould also consider the Goebel Statement speaker cabke or the Tim signature.

    Having said, i am familiar with all the gears, wadax, takumi, except the speajer cable but i trust both PT and Ralph, if they both believe the sound is dial in, i think not much to complain. To excel, ground wiring may also help....
  • The Nordost degrades the system by a huge margin. If the system is already good as described by PT/Ralph, that is purely because of the room acoustics. A swap to AC or a goebel will immediate improve the system in exponential scale. Probably, the grip on bass now is hampered by the Nordost whatever model it is.
  • I agree. The nordost deserves no place in this system
  • I agree x10.
    Odin is not musical.
    Bass, somehow artificial.
  • Ralph came back from Taipei today and immediately started working in fine-tuning Marvel's system
  • Fine tuning all done. Ralph sat back and relax for a moment. Tonight he will head back to Germany. And on 12/25, he will be on the road again to set up Beta in Turkey.
  • I am so grateful that Ralph and PT came this afternoon helping me to fine tuning the Alpha2. It is a very tight schedule for Ralph after his trip to Taiwan and in-between to catch a flight back home...Wishing Ralph a Merry Christms back home!!

    My sincere thanks and without this final touch up, I have not heard the true potential of Lars mating with Cessaro.

  • The Valhalla speaker cables are gone in exchange for Goebel Statement
  • Customer reported the following:

    "Bass is deeper, drums are more life like, singer more 3D, everything more clear and more body than Valhalla speaker cable. Now only about 10 hours of burn in so hopefully even better later."
  • 強弱對比太強了.....
  • Nordost 得個 「濛」字,好多人還未知......
  • 一套Lars 前後雙劍合壁唔係講笑......
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