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Engstrom Sound from Sweden - the Pinnacle of Scandinavian School



  • Hi 乙女 & English Teacher,

    Monica will arrive in Dec, I am sure PT will set them up in his place and you are also welcome to come to a sub-standard setup in my place...

  • Marvel兄長,

    你太客氣了。你的器材還比PT家的更為高级,我知道你用的是SRA的“瘋狂”架第三代,而PT只是用Scuttle 3。再且,他不太方便招呼外人到他的家。目前只有貴公子Marcus Wong去領略過一套Lars的表現。

    如果方便,我也想拜訪下貴家系統,好讓我多多學習。在国内,大部分的系统都只是表面毫華,毫无内涵,而且都是清一色的FM, 高文, Boulder等配威信/嘉瑪音箱,我的感觉這是富有人的音響製服。

    請問你的黑膠系统是什么? 你有用真竹嗎?
  • Marvel兄長,

  • You are welcome...I still recall after my son has listened to the full Lars driving the Brahms, he told me my system, 'forget it'....I cannot believe and then I asked PT to lend me the Type 2 for a weekend and tried. Then I understand how much I missed the party....

    Are you using Tripoint with exquisite ground cables, they are a must if you don't know the secret behind the good sound of AE showroom and PT's home...

    I will arrange with PT to invite you to come for an audition when Monica arrives....I am using K15 which is a preamp I cannot find any fault..wonder how Monica would be compared to it....

  • Marvel兄長,

    家父只訂了一條 “天籟” 地線,他在AE今年展会後即場落訂買。但可惜,杜比這個品牌真是要好有耐心的等待。請問你有冇杜比的地線?AE showroom 全部也是杜比的地線,實在太瘋狂!
  • 乙女,

    I am using Pearl from Dalby grounding K15 into the Troy Signature. Quality of the ground wire is very important but I think the ground box is equally important recalling my memory of replace Troy with Troy Signature. If I have the loath of crazy money and space, I would go for the crazy Emperor ground box....

    At the end of the day, we all have to live with the reality that PT is always ahead of the curve, when we have all the crazy power cables, he has all the crazy ground wires. Once we've bought all the crazy ground wires, he lets you hear the Emperor. Once you get Emperor, don't know what he will get to throw you again miles back....over the past years, whenever I thought I am there, PT let me know I am still far away....a good experience from the learning perspective, but definitely not healthy to wallet...

  • Marvel兄長

    我祇是知道認識了他後, 家父和我的音樂歴程充滿歡喜和滿足.
  • marvel 兄長,

  • 乙女,

    Last night, I tried to use my iPad to reply to you in Chinese and by the time when I finished, I have got time out and I could not post it in the Forum. This is the most frustrating thing I always encountered when posting in the AE Forum.

    According to the latest update by PT, there are some parts in the Lars Monica which have been delayed so expecting to receive the Monica in early 2015 instead. Notwithstanding this, you are most welcome to visit for an audition of K15 pairing with Lars Type 2 and come again contrasting with Monica.

    I am in no way a Rock and roll fellow. Please bring some music of this kind in order to see if my system can meet up with your expectation.

    Last week I had a chance to visit AE showroom. Among the music that we have listened, there were a few rock and roll music which to me is really breathe taking. Although I am not a great fans of that, my 'audiophile' sense reassures me that the rock & roll does not equate to 'noisy' and 'congested', I was just 'electrified' and feel a wave of warmth transpiring up from my heart to my brain. In the past, I would never connect such music with spatial resolution, background darkness, soundstage, etc...After the audition in the showroom, I think it can be achieved and only achieved by a superb system resolution and recording quality....I am convinced and amazed. PT well done!

    NB. PT changed the Extreme Linebacker with a normal Linebacker in between the audition, I grinned because I have got 2 Extreme !!!
  • Music without the Extreme like taking away your 3D glass while watching a 3D joking....
  • Ralph is coming set up another Alpha 2
  • Purple is nice...mine looks a bit the new owner also using white panel?
  • Ralph started working already to set up a very sexy pair of Alpha 2 in burgundy red this morning
  • Their actions of uplifting the horn are simply getting more and more professional.
  • Stunning color combination!
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