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AE Super Hi End Show 7/13 at HK Convention Center

Dear guys,

I read the ad from Audiotechnique with tremendous excitement. I was not told by JLam or PT that they will be doing a public show. The partnership with AudioTechnique seems smart. But what arouse my interest the most is Yamada san's super tube amplifier - "Chouku" made exclusively for AE.

Have anyone seen a picture of them? I presume it must be a mono block amplifier. But what makes them super. According to Big Grass, the core of the transformer is FINEMET - a super material only available from HITACHI Corporation.

Is Mr.Zanden the one who already procured the CHOUKU?



  • Uncle Ray,

    Do you know how difficult it is to get hold of PT and JLam nowadays? I had a short conversation with PT last week that he had not seen the "Chouku" as of last Friday. He had no idea the unique sonic properties of FINEMET but Ralph of Cessaro told him that that FINEMET is the best possible core material for transformer. It is also the most expensive and difficult to manufacture. He only knows the tube used will be WE212, or STC 4212 or present replica. He has no idea what Yamada san will use. He said he is going to completely TRUST him.

    I believe the Chouku is probably already procured by Mr. Zanden.
  • Hello guys, glad to see you all here! This place was damn boring in the past few weeks. That damn horny Cessaro Lizst should come out of the cage! And these guys probably will bring out all the damn super accessories to engineer an "experience". They should let the public listen with and without all those accessories so that they will know expensive hardwares themselves do not guarantee quality. This is a holistic approach behind. This is what they should be aiming to convey rather than doing the show the the stupid "sit back and gossip" way.

    And they will probably use the huge SUBBASE platform under the Lizst. These vibration control boards for speakers are unique and specialized solution to tackle speaker vibration. They are simply fucking amazing! It is damn good.

    On another note, how many of you have already received Linebackers SE today? Let me tell you the following: if you order 2, you only get 1. If you order 1, you probably receive nothing. If you order 3, you probably also get one. Only if you order 5, you may get 2.........

    Damn it.....Damn it....... I need somthing great to suck my fucking brain out of the current market.
  • The demo of Da Vinci serves the purpose of remembring Peter Brem the legend.

    I also ordered the Subbase platform for speakers. They are very good.
  • I have full of imagination for Chouku. I truly feel Zanden should deserve a much higher recognition than where it is now. It is better not to unveil the Chouku before 713. More fun :)

    The subbase speaker platform are excellent. I use them under the Cessaro Beta main speakers. The end results are much better contour resolution especially in the lower mid bass. Clarity improves across the board. Spatial cues that are not present before spring back to the acoutic scene. Somehow, I feel that is "phase" issue in the mechanical domain as well. Otherwise, we should not have such astounding improvement from using subbase speaker boards.
  • VR,

    For your information, I am using 4 Argento Flow centers and 8 linebackers in two systems.

  • any new information about Chouku?
  • edited June 2013
    To be real frank with our readers who follow us worldwide on a daily basis. As of today, we have never listened to the Chouku before in spite of the forthcoming Super Hi End Show in the HK Conventional Center on July 13. We don’t even see the real physical presence of it. But we have no fear because we TRUST Yamada san of Zanden whom has been working with AE for a decade.

    The nobility of Yamada san’s character is well known. The essence of Yamada san in my humble opinion is the beauty of an “egoless mindset”. This is important because an egoless mind permits conflicting school of thoughts to cohabitate. Such mind environment often cradles better theories. At the age of 60, his mind is still very vibrant and dynamic than most youngsters.

    An egoless mindset however does not exclude pride. The presence of pride is only there to justify an uncompromising approach to the service of music reproduction via the means of technological knowhow and life long listening experiences. Only through this way can pride eventually justify itself. Pride only comes from reverent recognition. I believe the soulful creation of “Chouku” represents pride in the most sacred form.
  • 我地青衣小巴隊極度期望! 長空個名改得好有胸襟而且有一點玄。
  • I am really looking forward to this virgin show of AE. It is really the time to come out and show some color.
  • PT,

    Very well written, short and precise with deep meanings. It shows maturity as a person. Too much have been focused on products specificiation, relative pricing comparison, and equipment battles against each other. Human has the least respect in the insane age of consumerism. The evil side of capitalism justifies many wrongs as "value". Bridging the gap between art apprecaition and a capitalist society is fucking hell of a job. I see you are steering the company this way.

    Let's pray.
  • The linkage between egoless mind and pride seems like conflicting at first glance. Through the re-interpretation of pride, they just click! This in turn trigger to think of the phrase by Plato, "Age and Wisdom are inseparable." They seem correlate naturally as a positive function of each other. But an egoless mind dose not easily correlate with pride. Maturity is a collective result of training and perpetual learning. It does not guarantee pride in the most sacred form defined so thoughtfully by PT. One needs to know how to control emotion at varying situational/geographical/phychological circumstances within a proper context. This is a real daunting challenge even to those who are extremely well educated. They see pride as an end.

    Very interesting discussion.
  • any more news regarding Chouku?
  • It is still very secretive. I however have received a picture of the huge FINEMET core output transformer to be used in the Chouku.
  • "FINEMET" CORE OUTPUT TRANSFORMER - the best core material on earth for transformer.
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