Ten, Kay Ten, double-0 Seven

Hello Folks. I have envied your website for some time, the marvelous cacophonous systems in the build and your constant thoughts on just about everything. Congratulations on many of the systems that I have watched for some time. I just wanted to let you know my K-10 arrived today, no. 007 as per my glib title joke ("Bond, James Bond, double-0 7"); and I am over the moon with the outcome. I also just wanted to let you know as I seem to have spent a great deal of time perusing your forums so I thought I had better add a little instead. My name is Dave, I am a friend of Rob's and have been a fan of Rob's work for a long time having met him while he still worked at Kondo. I am the proud owner of the K-70 no. 001; which is undergoing the "Mk.II" upgrade in Tokyo. No. 1 is a little different cosmetically as the metal work was done by a different foundry before Rob settled on the final facings. I promised him when I heard his prototype on his living room floor one evening, in Tokyo in 2007, that if he ever built it I would by the first one. And I did. Actually, I offered to buy that prototype right there and then but he was cruel enough to refuse. Enjoy the few first shots I have made. I cannot tell you much more about the rest of the system right now as I seem to undergo constant turmoil and the K-10 will need to remain without adequate voice for a little while longer. Dave.


  • A couple more shots.
  • And what about the choice of a small, round neon light, hey! What a touch of class.
  • Thanks for looking. Please don't ask, my current rig is a little out of order and I do not want to embarrass myself.
  • K10 is excellent! Where is your K70? What speakers are you using?
  • I have been running a pair of Avalon Opus Ceramiques with a little Kondo Shinri. These have been my play things with the gear I am using right now. My K-70 remains with Rob for the moment and I am expecting that to come back to me as soon as Robert can manage it after Robert Koda comes back for their Christmas holidays. So I am gingerly running the K-10 right now, and this is why I am a little embarassed that this question should be asked of me, through a headphone amp. My wife, kids and I live in a very small space in Warsaw in Poland. My Shinri/M7 are unfortunately in Australia still as I have not managed to completely move back to Europe these last few years. Once the K-70 returns I would hope to better my chances on another pair of Avalons or I may try something different with the R.K. gear. I will unfortunately be restricted by footprint size. I use a mix of Kimber and Nordost as the wiring harness. Cardas has been my speaker cable for some time, very nice brand. However Nordost will likely voice the speakers when they come.
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