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大開耳界:Monaco V2.0/3.0 turntable by Grand Prix Audio



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    Fuuga 風雅 with Thales Gold Statement 
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    Monaco 3.0 is true cutting edge technological tour de force. 
  • Thanks for the pictures Chris ! 
    Lovely Fuuga.
  • Finally, I see no speed adjustment on the control unit, does it mean GPA thinks there’s no need for that?
  • MichaelM - there is no speed adjustment on the version 2.0 Monaco.  GPA used the same controller box with that as they did with the 1.5, but where the +/- buttons did adjust speed on the 1.5, they have no effect on the 2.0.  So it looks like the 3.0 carries on with that same approach with a new control unit.
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    Guys, there is absolutely no need for speed adjustment for Grand Prix as the ballpark is so far ahead of other so called references that are oriented to audiophile fantasies of size/weight. Can you tell me which turntable could adjust speed 7-8 figure after decimal places? And why would someone spend such effort to improve attributes that eyes can’t see? That is not business.  Instead, maybe he should listen to some Audio Uncles to make it much bigger to justify the price tag, emphasise the heaviness of the platter, and the exotic materials employed. Then call in AS to do a review on the front page and pay some internet army on WBF to trumpet the pros and down play the cons.  Anyway, we tend to trust people never meet before on the internet more than our ears. And we are increasingly suspicious of real people than net ghosts. 

    Alvin is a true engineer that don’t care the market. Such attitude conclude achievement in scientific terms. It is left to the job of PT who uses such extreme means to talk music.  
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    Titanic Audio flagship cartridge: Model G
    The cartridge domain has always been dominated by the presence of Japanese manufacturer due to their meticulous craftsmanship.  What about a cartridge from Belfast, Northern Ireland? I was neither looking for polished beauty nor pristine clarity. I was determined to find out as diversity is important.  

    It has been quietly serving in Divin Lab for a month mounted on a Thales Black Statement arm on the Hartvig statement turntable. The beauty of the mid range comes from the dynamic nature of the vocal/instrument. Agility of attack is evident in the whole range instead of restricting to the upper bass area. The pianism of Martha Argerich and the vocalism of Hibari Misora explode flamboyantly when the passage/lyrics call for such emotions. 
    I never understand why André Previn, the conductor of Prokofiev Piano Concerto No.3 on the evening of May 3, 1977 introduced Martha Argerich the following way until today.  He said, “It is probably the most popular of the post-Romantic piano concertos, and for very good reason: it is very fast, very Russian, and extremely difficult. But the pianist who will perform it for us tonight obviously does not know the meaning of that last adjective.” 

    In Divin Lab, the Titanic Audio Model G alongside rest of the system let me see Martha moving her fingers almost too quickly for the camera proves it.  I immediately reckoned its quality deserves a place in Divin Lab.

    It will be demonstrated together with Monaco 3.0 turntable and Thales Statement Arm from Aug 5-7 at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre, Room S226.

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    Grand Prix Monaco V3.0: Humility in Extreme Form
    Roy Gregory recommended me to explore the Monaco analog turntable of Grand Prix Audio almost 4 years ago at Divin Lab.  My first reservation was the relative compact size of it to Da Vinci Gabriel and Hartvig statement.  I didn’t take it seriously until  I had a few correspondences with Alvin Lloyd of GPA one year later.  He is a serious engineer who doesn’t want to compromise science to market needs.  He is the type who would spend a fortune to improve a nanosecond or so in car racing. I admire such attitude more than squeezing brain juice to sell more.  This type of personality fits AE profile.  In fact, he invested in machinery with higher manufacturing precision to enable match machining of bearing and drive system parts on each individual unit to ensure perfect assemblies on each execution. Even the cable is a new design of much better quality and performance.

    Alvin let me understand speed precision is way much more important than weight of the platter because “speed error is cumulative”. Monaco turntable is over ten times more accurate in every aspect than anything else made at any price. That is not to say other attributes are not important.  It is about holistic assessment of the whole project. It is about maintaining a balance of key parameters.  When speed is precise, musicality blossoms, diction penetrates, energy radiates, emotion perpetuates. One shares the same space with artists going back in time. 
    Marketing tactics however often magnify features that aim to satisfy the eyes.  Suffice to say consumerism matters; aesthetic matters even more.  Physical beauty is easier to comprehend than spiritual satisfaction. After all, ego matters. 
    Monaco V3.0 is humility in extreme form. Scarcity is beauty. Great mind thinks alike. 
    It will be demonstrated with Titanic Audio’s flagship Model G cartridge (from Northern Ireland) with JMF Audio PHS7.3 phono stage (from France) in Room S226 on Hong Kong Hi End Audio and Visual Show from Aug 5-7. 

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    This chassis on top of the computer is the battery power supply for the computer and motor control. Alvin of Grand Prix Audio spent over a year to develop it for Monaco analog turntable.  After connection and chosen ISO (complete isolation from the AC mains), the presence of vocal is enhanced tremendously.  For example, his/her intake of air and release of lung muscle is delivered with energy that defines realism. Even background vocal has a soul. By the same token, musicians behind every instrument become alive.  Dynamic contrast is notably improved as a result of much faster transient.  Bass is snappy with focus.  Everything is alive. 
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    Leslie Cheung is ALIVE 
    A session at AE Sheung Wan from 2:00pm to 4:00pm on April 1st (Sat).  Max seats: 8.  Please call 9181-8291 for reservation. 
    自三年前為惜食堂以重播廣東流行歌曲籌款,我已開始研究如何重建歌手的靈魂。從參與善舉近100 人中,90%選擇Leslie在1988年演唱會演繹的 “共同渡過” 為最感動(我選擇了10首金曲,張國榮是其中之一)。往後三年,無數拜訪AE上環的朋輩,也一定點唱此曲,震撼程度往往從女仕眼角的水點反映,男仕則靜默無言,然後鼓掌。因為他們不但止看到哥哥,更感受到他是靈魂。
    我苦心調教的系統,經iPhone錄製後的視頻,雖然點讚往往達100,可是平均Viewing Time只有三秒。Facebook提供的統計數字令我大感疑惑為什麼要繼續?因為來自茫茫大海的鼓勵總會令我振奮。先生太太常詢問為什麼御品的視頻音質那麼真實。他們親臨欣賞後,總會成為支持者和客戶。本週我又接到一位表明毫無音響經驗的朋友電話,激讚張國榮的聲音非常真實(上年的post),希望可以𦲷臨感受。

    我剛收到Grand Prix Audio 為Monaco 3.0唱盤製作的Battery Power Supply為摩打供電。在沒有前設下,我隨隨又選播了哥哥的現場錄音,由風繼續吹、共同渡過、一直到Vinyl 2 Side B的最後一首沉默是金,內心的震撼竟被激起千層浪,舞台上每一個人的氣息營造了一個無邊界的龐大氣場。
    Chris Leung 
  • What I wonder did you measured the W@F with the AM test record ?
    Since the turntable itself has no W@F then we can see the W@F from the test record itself on the screen ?
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