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大開耳界:Monaco V2.0/3.0 turntable by Grand Prix Audio

edited July 2022
We initially set it up with Thales Statement arm with Da Vinci Grandezza cartridge, Esprit eureka phono cable, and Robert Koda Takumi MC One phono stage. 



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    Setup process

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    edited March 2021
    Slotless BLDC motor 具有以下的優點:
    Slotless motor designs place only copper phase coils in the air gap of the motor; the discontinuous iron teeth found in a slotted motor design (those used in most direct-drive ‘tables) are gone. This virtually eliminates cogging or cogging torque -- the bane of turntable motors. Torque becomes a function of the applied phase current, and current gets into the windings very fast. This means much smoother motion with greater torque linearity than a traditional slotted design, and much less vibration and noise.

    先看一看橫切面圖 (Figure 1 & 2):目標是要把整個chamber 填滿 7 ml 的油,將bearing完全被油包圍。看似容易,其實不易。首先要注入 5 ml 的油,但是要慢慢的做,因為太快會產生氣泡。然後啓動唱盤,讓氣泡由另一個洞排出。這個步驟要不停的重覆,直至完全冇氣泡排出。最後再慢慢注入餘下 2 ml 油入 bearing chamber ,又再啓動摩打把氣泡排出。我用了一個小時才完成這個步驟,所以要好有耐性。安裝之前,我細心閱讀了十五頁的説明書數篇。

    當我完成唱臂的初步安裝後,便接上Analogmagik,量度出來的數字穩定性是前所未有,小數後四個位,完全穩定,實在太誇張了!油浸避震系統將摩打的震動完全減到最少、最少、是前所未有地的少!  它完全沒有傳統直驅盤的噪音問題。正如設計師在網頁上面所説的Wow Flutter & Rumble are incalculable!  

    我聽了數首曲目後,包括鋼琴、低音大提琴,以及王菲的「約定」,初步結論是拍子準確,完全沒有被過長的泛音拖泥帶水;背景清晰,有層次,冇音染,絕對是鑑聽級數! 正如Roy Gregory 的 review 所指出的acoustic property of the recording venue,是前所未有的還源度,不是一堆空氣感就等於完全還源房間効應。大家請留待Chris或JLam的祥細聆賞報告,他們比我這個工程技術人員更加明白音樂。
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    edited March 2021
    There is tremendous amount of technology inside a very compact package. Adding mass and making platter heavy are not rocket science.  That was the way when technology back then couldn’t control the speed stably. As technology progresses, the emphasis should be more light and compact. But analog turntable serves the eyes as importantly as the ear in modern era. Big package justifies the price tag more. Speed is intangible but mass is. That explains the fashion. 

    PT, you should bring this to Divin Lab, and do a good show like you always do to break the stereotype. The speed precision achieved by Monaco is not small feat, and should educate to more people.  The previous distributor didn’t articulate the product strength and didn’t know how to comprehend and judge what is good about speed precision. You shall do a much better job.  
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    我覺得呢台盤好有型,有時代感。達文西又確實是好豪好高級,我聽過好多次,是我的dream turntable。不過,PT一向藝高人膽大,把Monaco 2.0 放在同一系統,容易比較,從此舉,已經知道實力。Edison個post簡潔請楚易明,提升了不少興趣。
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