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IKIGAI cables 令我感動淚流

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KANGAI ,是一條能量能夠穿過身體,令曲目變得有生命的地缐 (ground cable)。

起初接觸這牌子的產品,是 PT 上年應用上了Kangai Jumper在Goebel Marquis喇叭的中/高 binding post,我的第一印象是「快」。而當我將 Kangai Jumper 駁上家中的Marquis後,我馬上將Maria Joao Pires 彈莫札特鋼琴奏鳴曲的其中一小段寄給他。我告訴PT:”速度驚人!”

今天我試聽Kangai地線駁上JMF Audio DXC 2.2,想不到短短一個下午,我淚流了三遍。因為系統令我投入了三首平平無奇的國語歌:張學友2003音樂之旅收錄的「祝福」,李宗盛的既然青春留不住演唱會收錄的「我是真的愛你」,以及林志炫翻唱黃鶯鶯的「哭砂」。 對上一次有這種澎湃感覺,已經是上年在神曲工作室中秋聚會時聽李宗盛的「捨不得你」。

三位歌手的聲音,透過Kangai 地線應用在解碼上,重重包圍我的能量觸動了心弦。這不意味 Kangai 帶著動人色彩音染,相反「他」只會坦白地將能量輸送出來。這鼓能夠穿透身軀的能量,令我感覺到自己和聲音同步,三首歌曲,三個故事,有回憶、有感慨,Kangai 都能夠無修飾地傳譯出來,就這樣我不自覺地流下三次眼淚!


  • Dynamic, thanks for your writeup. But there are no stocks now. I trust your judgment as I have been following your chronological writeup on PT home system development, which I enjoy reading very much. 
  • Hi DVader, thanks for your reading. I have tried a lot of ground wires, and good ones, but the energy is so transparent and  can synchronize with my body to touch me. Only EEE! if you have been tried ‘singing bowl’ you will understand how I feel.

    I don’t mean the Kangai is the most perfect, but in my place, without Kangai or EEE, this penetrating power will be gone. 

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    I got the last Kangai ground cable from the latest batch delivered to AE Central. The cable conductor consists of 4N silver and gold.  I connected the cable to signal (coaxial port) ground of Weiss DAC502 to Tripoint Signature NG.  It replaces 2 ground cables I had been using at the dac.  They were Dalby's Meda ground cable (signal ground) and Tripoint's stock silver signature (chassis ground).  One Kangai ground cable is clearly far better than connecting two of them. Transmission speed is probably very fast because my Weiss DAC502 only equips with two small PCBs.  My hypothesis is that It probably does not generate too much noises during operation, but I am wrong. 

    Interim results after 6 hours of burning in:

    1. It reveals newfound micro energy from different instruments and vocal. I am easily touched by the music than ever before without Kangai in the chain. 
    2. It does not overlap with Argento FMR EEE ground cable on Zanden 6000 integrated amplifier because EEE delivers a holistic field of energy from top to bottom. In fact, Kangai compensates EEE with more micro dynamics across the whole frequency range. 

    我去AE Central取了今批最後一條I的Kangai接地電纜。此電纜的導體由4N銀和24k金製成。我將電纜連接到Weiss DAC502的信號(同軸端口)接地到Tripoint Signature NG。它替代了我用於DAC的2條接地電纜:Dalby的Meda接地電纜(信號接地)和Tripoint的備用電纜(機箱接地)。結果是一根Kangai接地電纜遠勝於兩根。傳輸地面噪聲的速度非常快,我假設Weiss DAC502 不會產生太多噪聲,因為機箱內部只有兩塊細小的電路板,可是.....

    1. 它揭露了好多微動態能量,使我更加容易投入音樂歌曲,更容易被“感動”。

    2. 它的特性沒有與Argento FMR EEE接地電纜重疊,Kangai的微動態能量和EEE(駁著我的Zanden M6000合併放大功放)的總體能量互相扶持,相得益彰!


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    In the Kangai series, there is a special version exist only in the power cord category called Kangai S.  The conductors consist of 5N pure silver and pure gold.  I was told the amount of gold used in each power cord is enough to make a gold ring!  In addition to several shielding techniques, there is also a very unique design on the conductors: where they start from one end with a thinner AWG diameter gradually developing into a thicker AWG diameter towards the end.  There is scientific rationale behind such approach clearly so as to minimise the Eddy Current dragging back the electron flux.

    The result:  A more transparent construction of spatial information leading to an immediate  engagement with the actual performance.  The violin by Gil Shaham and guitar by Goran Sollscher respectively occupies their own space.  The energy of the violin and guitar does not overlap with each other. Spatial resolution of Kangai S simply lead my previous power cable used in the transport by a few notches.  
  • 「能量」,除了多與少之外,還有比例、速度、方向的分別,眾多因數配合之下,才能將身體與音樂拉近,甚至結合。Kangai S 的地線獨特之處,就是擁有一股魔力,將「能量」直接傳送到你身上,讓你與音樂緊緊扣在一起。

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    Devil is in details…and this one seems a clever step by Ikigai. 
    Any feedback? 
    I don’t know any brand who put its technology in a DC cable at this level….
    Divin lab improvement…
    With Ikigai DC Cable
    Without Ikigai DC Cable
    Regards !!!

  • Stereophonic,

    It is very obvious in my system.  I use it at the linear power supply of my Da Vinci turntable and the linear power supply for my modem! Energy is lot more focus, and there is a lot more density, and I really mean a lot more. 
  • Thank you DVader. 
    I listen more expressive sound in video with Ikigai DC cable. 
    Voice has better vocalization and air…
    This is what you mean with saturation?

  • Stereophonic,

    The ambience details (air) are much more and the energy of vocal is very concentrated. That is my experience. 

  • Thank you. 
    I’ve ordered mine. I think it will be a good match to my full Esprit Gaia cables…

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