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A New Era of Audio Exotics

edited October 2020

I am indebted to all AE followers worldwide to make this happen today.  The new website signifies our approach to Hi End Audio has been successful in advancing influences. The AE community is now large enough to propel an ecosystem of our own.  We will drive the AE platform to the next stage serving the the needs of audiophiles and music lovers in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Mohan Veloo, who runs AE South East Asia in Singapore, constantly reminds me of the “value” of the AE forum.  It is a legacy of over a decade filled with quality discussions on numerous topics.  There are new websites appearing every single hour nowadays.  But no one can replicate history overnight.  There is so much information there.  It is a valuable asset.  With this in mind, Mohan, the chief architect of the new website, aims to drive the forum in a vibrant manner by extensive use of social media including Facebook and Instagram.  In fact, almost all pictures from the new website comes from our customers all through the years.  In the new age, it is ideas that influences thought, before translating into execution.  JLam, another partner of mine, will drive discussion from a musician angle because the audiophile vocabularies are too narrow for us to advance new analytical framework.  The AE forum will be the place globally for anyone who is serious in advancing the art of audio reproduction to the “soulful” domain through quality discussions.  

It is the attitude that matters. 

Welcome all to the new era of Audio Exotics

Chris Leung



  • Looking forward to webserfing it ....
  • Thanks Chris. 
    After a few months rethinking and redesigning the site, we felt that we should go back to our roots, and focus on the forum, and the tremendous trove of content in there. As Chris mentioned, almost ALL of the photos on the site are photos from our customers and our studios. Not professional photos sent by our brands. You might just see one of your systems there.
    While we tried our best to be thorough, I urge you to go through the site, and please send me feedback on errors, and stuff the need updating. And if you have personal photos or comments, you can do 2 things
    1) Post them on instagram and tag them #audioexotics - it will appear on our site OR
    2) Send it to me, and I'll update it under the appropriate section
    3) Start a forum discussion, and let me know, and I will update the appropriate brand

    Thanks once again and you will be seeing more updates over the next few months!

    Mohan aka Katongkid
    [email protected]

  • I am delighted to be part of the AE team supporting the studio in Central.  Together we will keep sharing more product knowledge, activities and insights on how to excel in our musical enjoyment!!

  • Congrats!  Will surely browse the new website more frequently to learn from other CHings :)
  • Great! Hope that AE's HIFI philosophy will continue to influence more people and bring us new wisdom and new impulses ! 
  • edited October 2020
    Congratulation!  The new site looks great.
  • Congratulations! 
    Let keep rock us with your finding and share our passion toward music in this community!
  • Congratulations. Looking forward to the activities on the forum. 
  • edited October 2020
    My greatest pleasure always derives from Audio Exotics!  I am a lucky man because I can work with 2 supreme partners Chris and Mohan.  I learn one attitude from them "Wholeheartedly".

    We are trying hard to put musical enjoyment with the high end audio at a new level.  

  • Congratulations!  Folks who live in the mainland like me can only get on to the AE website via a VPN.  Just FYI.
  • Congrats! I am sure the new website will bring us more information about the audiophile and music.
  • Congrats. This new site is more classy and informative with better user experience to match with AE’s standards. Look forward to coming updates and the hatching of an AE ecosystem. It’s good we can have more interactions with Mohan to give our feedbacks and build this community together. 
  • Greetings from Hong Kong. 
  • Good luck with a new website that marks new beginnings in your profession. Proud of you!
  • Big Congratulations!

    The World Exclusives section in the new website is both awesome & poisonous!
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