AE Theatre at Sheung Wan (御品上環劇院)



  • It seems everyone misses the Firebird. But will PT continues the Canton Pop charity show? If the answer is yes, I believe he has many things under his sleeve to shock all again regardless of the speaker size. 
  • The improvement brought from the ReVopod under the subwoofer is tremendous. I felt the “physical floor” disappeared. 

    And I I hadn’t applied “WELLFLOAT delta” yet. 
  • 有冇朋友去AE上環聽過加了項羽超低音之後的表現,可否分享一下?
  • The physical location of the 項羽 subwoofer is 2 inches in front of the main speakers to eliminate the latency/delay of digital crossover. 

  • MAC
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    I had the opportunity to listen to the new Wagner Silver Signature the other day when PT was setting up the subwoofer.  

    This renewed version brings a new level of realism that shocked me completely.   I was not expecting this level of play back at all since this is supposed to be the entry model of cessaro or the little brother of the almighty Firebird.   Also PT set it up for a few days only. 

    I think the new midrange/bass driver really makes a huge difference in complimenting the power from the TAD tweeter loaded to the golden horn - perhaps this is the key to deliver the realism of real live dynamics.

    But the more interesting part of the experience is the adjustment flexibility to dial in an external active subwoofer.   I was quite surprised by the high sensitivity of the sub’s physical positioning to focus/imaging.  We used a piano playback as a listening reference.   We firstly moved the sub forward by just 2cm, and then I noticed the integration of the bass with the horn is becoming much coherent, particularly when the piano keys reach lower octaves.  We pushed the sub forward even more until the balance was disturbed (I felt the presence of subwoofer which must be wrong).  We arrived at the optimum position through many iterations. 

    And what is really interesting is that once when the phase between the sub and main speakers is aligned, it does no harm to nudge up the input sensitivity and output volume on the subwoofer. For the most accurate piano playback, I recall the input gain was increased from -15db to -10db, while the output volume was raised to +10db from +6db.  The tonality of the piano is much more natural after the calibration.  I believe you can calibrate to something that is technically the most accurate.  We did that for piano, but we ran out of time to test other instruments.  

    We played the Leslie Cheung concert to see how it compared to the Firebird.  This time we clearly need to crank up the gain and volume on the subwoofer in order to get closer to the energy level of the Firebird.  To me the Wagner + 項羽 combo is more crisp, which I see huge potentials ahead.  I wonder how it will sound with a pair of 項羽 and the integration with the new Air Blade super tweeter.  

    The key takeaway for me is how much technical knowledge you need to get it right. I had so much fun. It will sound fantastic if you leave it as is, but once you dial in perfectly, there is really no match. 

    It was an amazing experience and l look forward to the coming upgrade to take this to an all new level.  

  • Great write-up Mac, you’ll find playing with subs is a lot of fun :)
  • We were eager to know the groundbreaking improvement brought by Well float Delta under Wagner. 

  • Well float 咩料?
  • Wellfloat was definitely the highlight today! It brought refinement and layering to the sound while having no negative impact on the dynamics. 

    To be honest the system sounded a bit too aggressive to me in the beginning ( I don’t like revopods under my own Wagner for some reason) however after putting on the wellfloat everything just became right, less harshness, more coherent. 
  • Thomas0701
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    終於聽到Wagner silver signature,聲音比以前有分別,少一分青澀,多一分成熟。聲音方面火鳥和Wagner同樣為節奏感強的喇叭,而wagner低音更直接。火鳥表現依然歷歷在目,強烈嘅節奏,爆炸力一等一。而新wagner加項羽表現更真實,尤其係鋼琴表現,響而不亮。鋼琴唔易播,因為它同時擁有敲擊樂和弦樂特性,高級鋼琴音色更加難以表達。Wagner不但真實,更多一點溫度,舒服。可能外形比AE其他喇叭小巧玲瓏,結合聲音表現,另外有家嘅感覺。

    Wellfloat Delta isolation bass 就像Espirit的線材,透明般的存在,Wagner聲音更穩定清晰,透明度提高,強化horn對質感的優勢,將器材真實一面表達一覽無遺。
  • Thomas,

    那麼新的Wagner + 項羽,是否和火鳥同一級數的表現? 你形容更加真實,更用上了鋼琴作比較,但只有一個人項羽超低,竟可以和火鳥作比較?

    Mr Dynamic, Roman, Marvel和其他朋友可賜教一下?

    WELLFLOAT Delta 帶我來了那一方面的進步?
  • Guys, please share more!
  • Hi Jeff, 

    If someone says the Wagner +one sub is able to compete with the firebird that would be misleading, it's just not possible from physic's perspective. However the Wagner do have its own merits that the firebird is lacking.  

    From my observation, the keywords mentioned during the session are "immediate", "direct", "fast", "punchy". I believe these words describe the characteristics of Wagner quite well. It simply can not compete with the firebird by throwing a huge soundstage in the room due to its size limitation. However it's fast, immediate and punchy so that with the right music, rock and pop for example, it can sound even more attractive. 

    I do believe though, once the 2nd Xiangyu as well as the Arya super tweeter come in, the system will surprise all of you.