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AE Sheung Wan - JMF Audio redefines “The Study Room of Emperor Qian Long”

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I feel obliged to start this thread after a listening session at AE Sheung Wan today. As a happy Wagner user I was just too eager going for a listening session.  Although the speakers just arrived at AE showroom far from fully dialed in, I was still shocked by its performance. 

Compared to the original Wagner, the low end sounds much fuller thus leads to a more balanced and fuller sound.  I don’t feel anything missing without subs but this wasn’t the case with the original Wagner. The new Wagner Silver Signature throws a bigger stage out there due to the increased energy while the top end seems to be the same as the original version. 

Although this is more of a test-listen rather than an formal “audition”, I can confidently say that the new Wagner Silver Sig definitely trounced the original one in terms of energy and fullness. In a nutshell, they are more “complete” sounding than the original Wagner therefore raised the bar further as the “entry level” Cessaro. 



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    Forgot to take photo, borrow from Chris’
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    Yes!! Leslie Cheung was so real under Firebird! What is the plan of PT?  
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    This speakers can get into most HK homes. Maybe Chris wants to change to a smaller system adjusting to the economic realities of HK. If he can reproduce Leslie Cheung using a smaller system close to the big system, this is quite a good news, isn’t it?
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    Internal wiring of Wagner Silver Signature 
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    Do you mean Wagner silver signature don’t need to add 項羽 subwoofer?

    If Chris removes Firebird in exchange for a smaller system, I know he must add a pair of subwoofer for augmentation as this guy is used to super system to shock us all.  In the end, this is still a mega system like yours - main speakers plus a pair of 項羽 subwoofer!
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    Morning guys! What a party here!  Firebird is not a horn speakers, let me remind all.  The Wagner silver signature is a true horn speaker. The cabinet is a horn reflex structure, whereas Firebird is conventional speakers cabinet structure. 
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    The picture showed a very preliminary setup. There are no ReVopods under the speakers. Well float DELTA are not there. 項羽 not there. Speakers placed in front of Firebird.  This is fsr from ideal. 

    And Michael was still very impressed. 
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    I will connect the best and the most advanced tweeter system in the world to Wagner Silver signature - Air blade by Arthur Marker of Arya Audio.  My goal is to build a “small Roman system”.

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    Hi Dvader, 

    I'm not saying they don't need subs, on the contrary it should be better if a pair of subs were added. I can imagine the stage would be even bigger, more energy from the Orchestra, better extension on both ends etc... 

    What I mean is that when I listen to the Wagner silver sig, I don't feel like "oh they sound nice but it would be perfect if there's a touch more bass" (This is actually quite amazing if you take into account that I'm very used to Wagner+ a pair of xiangyu kind of sound). Instead they sound very complete and satisfying so that you forget about "what if" and just want to sit back and enjoy the music.
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    Yes I was very impressed and think they got huge potential. When Chris is done with the setup and a pair of xiangyu are added,  a lot of you guys will be pleasantly surprised by how good they sound. 
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    That super tweeter is technological tour de force, original thinking and technology.  I look forward the integration of it with Wagner. PT has mastered the integration of sub, tweeter is another game. 
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