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Product of the Year - 2015

This thread needs no further introduction....

Please give your vote and add a few lines on why....



  • Robert Koda's K15EX preamp. A no brainer
  • I agree. Robert's K15EX kicks serious asses!
  • Cessaro Air One. No question.
  • I have listened to the K15EX but not the Cessaro Air One yet but I will put my bet on the Air One. :)
  • Trinity mono amplifiers and Gobel fine speakers!
  • After a complete suite of trinity electronics at home, I simply can't pick any electronics this year.

    My focus is accessories: my choice is Beethoven speaker cables and Beethoven power cords
  • 真的好難選擇,家父和我會選Wadax, 因為唱放和電腦音樂方面真係非常超班。
  • I opt TRINITY Preamp/Power amp combo whose distortion free feature across the chain gives its a champion in the world.
  • The Trinity pre/power (mono) combo will be hard to beat at any price.
  • I voted trinity mono amp last year.

    For this year, the item carried by AE that stunned me the most is Beethoven series of cables.
  • The true state of art this year is Vetere's reference arm, without peers.
  • I opt for Wadax. The design is original. Performance of phono and computer audio is superb. I like the fact that state of art can be achieved with a single chassis
  • I vote for the Wadax as well. I like its design and the performance is outstanding on both vinyl and CAS playback.
  • I vote for Wadax for its integrated design, revolutionary thinking and outstanding performance. It opens up the opportunity for me to LP and CAS, which I always thought it's too much trouble to pursue before. Wadax changed my perception and makes these two happen in one move. This is more than just delivering high quality music.
  • My vote goes to Robert K15-ex. What else? (Like George Cooney drinks Netspresso)

    I received K15-ex last week but then had to travel out of town. I could just have a short causal listening. A very obvious improvement on this ex version is in the z axis. The sound stage is much deeper when I listened to Sam Hui 1987 concert. This let me to feel more like sitting in the Hong Kong Collesium watching the real show. When I listened to Piano solo, I heard more harmonic for every note of piano so that the note is more solid. The control on bass is another bright point. K15-ex drives the front loaded bass of my Cessaro Wagner into a even higher level. Bass is powerful, fast and more layered. It is just like an onion with more and more layers. As the bass is improved, the entire sound performance of my system becomes more balanced.

    Overall speaking, I got a "smooth as silk" feeling on K15-ex. I will say more on K15-ex when I return home and have more serious audition on it.

    I recall that I voted for Robert K15 1-2 (?) years ago. I mentioned that I appreciate the passion of Robert on continuous improvement. When I upgraded from K10 to K15, it was a big jump. I was wondering why Robert could improve an already very good K10 to K15. Now, I am again speechless on K15-ex performance. It is another big jump from K15. Improvement seems never ending for Robert. I will not be surprised when a newer and much better version comes out from him again in future. I am and will always be a big fan of Robert.
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