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The Da Vinci Grand Reference Tone arm

Here is the production process. Peter of Da Vinci decided to apply true gold overlay on the broze base.


  • The Definition of Swiss Craftmanship
  • The DV Grand Reference arm will need a new armboard due to different geometry.

    Anyone who is serious about Violin/Opera/Piano music should seriously find a chance to listen what it can deliver with the Da Vinci Piccola Mono Block Phono system. If you are looking for High Defintion Hi Fi sound, save time. If you are looking for Real/Natural music reproduction, this is where you can really choose to stop providing you know the essences of music.
  • I have a strong faith that this will outperform the previous one but by how much?
  • The Grand Reference upclose - Simply fantastic!
  • Pending delivery next week. People are queuing for the original mark 2 versions trade-in will receive phone calls from us in the next 10 days.
  • Using my soaring arms to type on this forum to report that the 3 motor Raven turntable has bben delivered whilst I was out of town last week. PT came with the delivery men to make sure the 2 make wooden boxes arrived safely.

    All are lying on the tiny Hutter rack which in the past, I have not noticed that the surface is so small.

    Why my arms are soaring...the turntable itself is a solid mass over 100lbs and I am risking my oldie backbone uppacking and moving it up to the rack.

    I guess my initial setup would be 1-motor until the SRA Craz rack is ready.

    A turntable without an

  • One more thing, for those existing Raven user, please note that there is a graphite 'platter' on top of the brass platter that comes with this 3-motor setup. Thomas of TW Acoustic had mentioned to me last time when he visited HK that it would protect the surface of the LP by using the graphite platter and it won't affect the overall performance of the turntable. Of course, my next question is with the graphite platter, the friction would be smaller than the brass plutter, would it be too 'slippery' requiring a stablizer to sit on top? Any view from all the veterans out there?

  • Coming very soon. The Grand Reference arm in real action
  • The Grand with Gabriel turntable.
  • Thanks for the patience, finally the whole package of Grand Reference left Swiss yesterday on the way to Hong Kong
  • Marvel bro, are you excited? I am certain the grand reference is another level.
  • Voy, this is the first time we will receive such exotic stuff at the same time with Marvel bro.
  • Jeff, Voy,

    Getting it earlier doesn't mean I know how to handle it better. You two are much more experienced than me and I am just scary in handling such an expensive and delicate master piece. I have asked for some 'onsite support' from AE.

    With some luck, I hope I could set up the 1-motor-Raven in early next week.

  • Marvel bro, what power cable to mate with your raven ac? Any idea how long is the deliver time?
  • The combination between my favorite "the Davinci arm" and Thomas' raven ac is a top combination in Europe. Regarding the Da Vinci arm I have never heard a arm that controlled so perfect the critical high notes comming from world class voices, either from opera and rock/country, there ia a place inthese voice where they real is testing electronic gear, on not so good equipment, will the voices seems to
    have a white hard color, that was the case with, the Graham phantum, also with the VPI memorial, and the SME 5 was realy bad, its like with
    the Da vinci that it has no unwanted wibration in its bearings, in order to keep unwanted wibration in the bearing you have to put damping oil
    in, but this ruin all the other good virtues of the arm, like dynamics, open window to the consert hall,etc. One time maybe with the Schroder can do the same but you have to change and fine tune it all the time. But with the Da Vinci you luckely do not need any damping.
    Damping here,damping there is real bad for everything, especially cottton filled loudspeakers, damping material , is there because of problems in the design. Damping takes the live out of music and lieveas out some coloration at the same as its adding coloration, because in the end some is missing always. Hard for me to imagine how will the grand better the old. It's not surpise many are shocked by the voices of Fred von stade. Nothing can escape the transparency of the Eufrodite.

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