Time flies. It is again the time to vote for the product of the year 2011. In my opinion, the difficulty of choosing one is very high this year. My advice is, if you pick product A from brand A, can you guys please indicate what is your own criteria of picking it. For instance, do you weigh more from a cost effectiveness perspective, or more from a technical tour-de-force angle; the capability of dragging you into music easier regardless of price and technology.......

I will vote too. But as I said, it is tremendously difficult to vote. I need some more time to put down the name.

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  • 好好玩, 有選舉玩:

    我會選Tripoint的Orion AC Conditioner, 原因是整個系統同時也能受惠, 而且真真正正超越市場一般的電源處理器. 非常幼細, 剛柔並重.

    另外就是絕對創造的添哥系列, 尤其是喇叭線.
  • Artemis mono block amplifiers by Analog Domain. I pick it because I have never encountered a better solid state amplifier than the Artemis. It is a technological tour de force to the service of music.
  • 一件好難選擇, 我認為Robert Koda's Takumi K10前级和Neodio CD/DAC均是超越佢地價位表現的器材, 令我大開耳界, 更加認識音樂
  • Time really flies but the world is turning for the worst. I haven't got too much quality time for music this year, sadly as the financial world is driving me crazy without. There is no humanity in the financial world.

    I can only share what surprises me the most this year. My pick is Robert's Takumi K-10. Price is more than sensible for a supreme performance of presenting musicality in a high fidelity way without compromising muscality. The only line-stage that can really beat the Takumi is Tidal's Prescenio at a hefty price. As a Sunray owner, it justifies the ownership of Prescenio. But I am truly thankful of Robert's work that truly deserves the Chinese word of Maestro on the front.

    Young man, great job!
  • My vote will definitely be Da Vinci Virtu arm if they had delivered it on time. As of now, there is no sight of it.

    My pick this year is also Tripoint Orion AC conditioner and Robert's Takumi K10 preamp. These two represent real breakthru surpassing the quality of their respective price point. They give you more than what you paid for.
  • The Takumi K10. How can a solid state pre-amp have so much tonal richness that sometimes you feel there must be tubes inside? Just honestly ask yourself -- by pure listening would you have guessed its price and would you have been willing to pay twice the amount?

    The Analog Domain Artemis mono blocs. How can an imposing muscular power amp also convey delicate pieces of music in such an absorbing fashion?
  • Analog Domain impress me the most this year and like the opus dac too. Too bad cannot afford this two product yet.
  • I vote for Vekian Opus. It just redefines the ceiling of redbook CD playback and leads the other competitors by a wide margin in all fronts....Marvel
  • My choice is clearly Takumi K10 preamp and Opus dac. Both are excellent works. One can feel how much effort put behind making them.
  • This place is very interesting. Well, since my only purchases this year were the Dalby Carbon feet. That makes my vote automatically. It simply kills all feet that I have bought before. I took some risk of buying the most expensive feet from a company that I am not familiar with. But AE did not disappoint me, and I like the company's attitude very much. It is about skills and utilization of gears to the maximum performance more than anything else.....

    It seems Takumi K10 got the most vote so far. I must listen to it asap.
  • Triport Orion is most astonishing to me in 2011.
  • 當然係Tripoint ORION AC master reference conditioner啦! 整個系統如深 海一般寧靜, 而且令能量控制力更加穩定. 根本冇得翻轉頭.
  • If I had not auditioned the Artemis by Analog Domain, I will vote my Calysto. But it is crystal clear that the Artemis amplifiers has opened all of my uncharted senses. Angel, great job!
  • Tripoint new products always astonish me, Thais HC + Orion provide me the cleanest AC power without any compression. I have never experienced such calmness and bass details from any power conditioner before. You can plug in as many gears as you want provided the AC power coming from your wall socket can support them. My vote this year of course is this crazy combo.
  • For me its a split between the Vekian Opus DAC and the Tripoint Orion. Both pieces have fundamentally changed my relationship with my music collection - for the better!
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