First real pics of Da Vinci Master Virtu Reference Preamp

Due to the huge size of the transformer, the unit is built like a PC. It looks substantial, confident and mastery at the same time.


  • A bird's eye view.
  • The backside of it.
  • What about the phono? Exactly the same look and size? I know for a fact that this is a very serious machine. The price point is completely different than Zanden/Wavac/Robert Koda. Transformer coupled with solid state technology, execution-wise, how far will it go?
  • Will it ship to your showroom soon?
  • This one is mine.....I think. I have booked this one. Mr. DV, I think you have one too?

    Becasue I use Grandezza無鉛前級, This one will be a good partner with it. I can't give up the original grandezza sound but i also want to have the upgrade solidstate music........The only thing I can give up is money.......
  • The driver unit of your intonation is good at expressing music, this pre amp must be sound interesting with your intonation, looking forward how do you like it.

    I can’t afford this pre amp….
  • Mr.DV, you are too humble. You are using an entire suite of Da Vinci, and the price point of this system is unreacheable for many. Surely, the swiss franc is simply too expensive. But it must be in the category of "heavenly". Maybe, I was too poisoned by the DV sound. But Master Virtu preamp/phono is highly anticipated.
  • Mr. DV, don't play me la.

    You are the Pioneer of Da Vinci system, I think this V2 preamp must have 100% performance in your speaker. you should be the one gives review.
  • I'd very much like to find out what's in the mind of Peter Brem of Da Vinci when he was striving for survival during his difficult time in hospital. I am sure he had tremendous amount of positive and constructive energy concentrated in his mind to design a new circuity; it must be unique considering his decade of expereinces accumulatively from the past few decades. The uniqueness should set it apart from others and hence it is priced at a completely plateau for the people who truly understand his spirit and not compromising anything.

    How will it compare to the Tidal Prescenio? Time will tell.

  • Who is grabbing this Virtu?
  • It must be Mr.DV
  • Not me, it should be Mr.Breakfast.

    Mr.Voy, had u decide to add a Tidal or Horn?
  • What a surprise! The Virtu must be belong to Mr.DV!

    I got a pair of sexy Chopin for my study room. I reckon Tidal Sunray is more suitable for my retirement. It is very balance, neutral and transparent. I can shape it to whatever flavor I like.

    How did the Neodio got you?
  • Have you already set it up? Or did it go to the owner's home?
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