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Product of the Year - 2010

Here are my votes:

1 Cable - The Stuff

2.Source - Vekian transport

3.Amps - Syren Black Label

4.Speakers - Sunray (not personally owned but deeply moved in AE' showroom)

5. Accessories - Spartan power distributor

Grand Prix Award by Marvel - The Stuff


  • Were you surprise no one had responded to your question? You made your self much easier to choose by creating different categories.

    It is very hard to pick which one is the product of the year because all my acquisitions this year improve the system tremendously. In my mind, it is between Spartan by Tripoint and Vekian CDT by Stahltek.

    In the end, I ask myself which item exceeds my expectatino the most and brings me to uncharted area where I had never experienced before. And my vote goes to VEKIAN CDT this year.
  • My vote goes to Takumi K-70 by Robert Koda. I have never listened to a solid state design amplifier that involves me so much musically.
  • My vote if there is a 'grand champion' is Spartan because it is really transformational to the entire system!
  • My vote is Zanden phono 1200mk3. The curve selection function is unique and makes me rediscover musicality from the same vinyl collection over and over.
  • Spartan by Tripoint
  • My vote also goes to Spartan by Tripoint
  • I purchased the Troy and the Vekian CDT/DAC (not delivered yet) from AE this year. I did not know PT until Oct this year. He opened up my eyesight on what high end audio is all about. My vote is obviously the Troy from AE - a new product to me that is simply a must. I did not know ground noise contamination is that serious until a demo.

    I also want to say the AE showroom probably has no rival in Hong Kong. The amount of dedication to tune the sound is unusual. The Tidal Sunray-T1 system is mind boggling.
  • 唔撚使講,梗係無敵手的VekianmCD系统啦
  • The Spartan.
  • My vote goes to the VEKIAN CDT - that truly brings digital playback of conventional redbook CDs to uncharted territory hitherto. It is not just another CDT but a true marvel of mechanical enginnering at its best.
  • Spartan 堅過石堅!
  • Zanden with us already more than 7 years. It is undoubtedly a master piece of work. Until Vekian CD transport system comes out, there is no products can even close to the standard of Zanden.

    But now, we have another out of the box designed product. This year I vote for this same top class CD Transport VEKIAN.
  • Cessaro Chopin (蕭公子)!
  • edited December 2010
    The upgraded Vekian DAC impressed me but not to the great extent and I once questioned myself and asked PT, Vekian seems not my cup of tea.

    However, yesterday visit to the AE showroom totally changed my impression. An extremely well integrated setup made me feel like home and I was totally involved in music we played in 2 hours. Pure enjoyment! I kept saying to PT, never heard before.

    I understand the "Stuff" is really good, but they are still sitting in my luggage. So, my vote goes to Vekian CDT at the moment. 2 thumbs up!!

  • Chopin of Cessaro is the love of my 2010.
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