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Installation of the Tidal T1 Sub Tower

Work begun at 2pm yesterday with Jorn and Felix spearheading the sub into the building.


  • A total of 4 pieces house in two flight cases
  • The first two hours spent on replacing one capacitor inside the Sunray crossover with a huge pure silver capacitor. This capacitor is very heavy. I have never seen one single capacitor at such enormous size. A lot of works were needed as we need to dis-assemble the Sunray first.
  • Jorn showed us a special glue by Mercedes.
  • At around 3pm, Plastic Bag Man joined us. He and Jlam, plus Felix and Jorn tried hard to put the upper bass module back into the Sunray main speakers.
  • Similar work for another channel
  • A rare photo - the boss is working! The stands for the T1 sub are well thought-out because they are disjointed.
  • Another tough act to move the sub into position alongside stacking them on top of each other.
  • The boss was really hard working yesterday. He carries our house spk cable - Argento FMR for the connection from the amp to the sub towers.
  • This pic was taken at 5pm. We just parallel-wired another speaker cable from the Tidal Impact Mono to the sub tower to gain an initial impression first. We shall go full active today - meaning another dedicated amp for the sub tower only.

    A lot of fine tuning will be carried out today. jorn and Felix almost fell asleep around 6pm because they had worked non-stop after they got off the plane yesterday.
  • Make sure all the connections are right this time. This is the setup of a Grand Master Reference Sunray T-1. The bars are high.
  • I went for a peek preview of the Holy Grail of audio technology yesterday. What a ghostly and a regretable one.

    I once thought Sunray is the most complete system one can hope for - which is still a factual statement if one is only interested in the audible spectrum of sound reproduction. But once I had a taste of the integrated T1 Subwoofer, listening back to the SR becomes a painful experience.

    The subsonic portion creates the ambiance where everyting else is floating upon it. If bass forms the backbone of the music then the subsonic part gives it the character.

    People hearing without listening - ain't we all until the T1 arrives!
  • I will visit this system in early December.
  • Can anyone guess how many pairs of FMR XLR are connected to the Sunray T1 system?
  • The Impact Stereo running in stealth mode - behind the diffusor driving the Sub Towers. We also use FMR speaker cable just serving 30hz and below.
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