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It is abt the right time. Everyone endorses it


  • Don't hold it too long. In the tokyo bay area, it knocks down all challengers, around 28 in total.
  • I can't represent any country. But the stuff is real good.
  • edited October 2010
    It is good for the Tidal preamp. I heard it once in the AE showroom.
  • It's very good on both the Takumi and the PR-T1.
  • edited October 2010
    The stuff opens up quite a bit after 2 nights ....I look forward to hearing your 'small scale' bang for the buck system which PT told me last night is really something not designed just for bed room! I used to think PT is the researcher while Jlam is 'just' the business driver. Well done, J.
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    Marvel, where do you put the stuff, a very long running time is necessary I think, preamp maybe difficult to have it completely run-in, power amp is much better and faster.
  • one on Syren and one for Takumi. Another one on Vekian DAC...
  • Jlam, I need more.
  • More pls. Can u remove the quota?
  • One word to describe the sound of the stuff, sweet as honey.
  • Peter, for once, I hesitate to agree with you because that the stuff can be best described as 'honey'. To me, I would cast it like 'fresh air' from a deep forest mountain..clean, transparent, no coloration, music is free to move, to flow, to dance, to whisper, to roar...simply no constraints! Where are you using them?

  • Pls remove quota to save time
  • 我終於知道你地講乜. Tripoint現在已成為信心的保證, 應該冇線可把它揪低
  • It's true that nothing really quite like it before.
  • Marvel, all Tripoint products taste like honey in the first few days, in fact quite messy in the lower mid, it will stablise in a few weeks' time.I should have a different view by then.
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