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Theme & Variations of pianophile



  • And now waiting for Nicola Benedetti new album...
  • Mr DV, knowing you this long, I now whole-heartedly believe you are a 'true' music lover, how many of us are.
  • Thanks!

    The food taste good, i will go there again.
  • Shirley Horn !! I love it !
  • I thought Benedettii concerto will be some suprise and some new thought, But not again.... any great young violist?
  • Did you guys listen to Lizz Wright? I personally like very much this kind of vocal (very strong emotion) and d style(Gospel, soul and sometimes add some blues and R&B.) I was so impressive to her voice, one of a song in her new album make my hair skin stood up from head to my feets. Highly highly recommend!!!
  • I listen to Berezovsky live concert this year(Tchaikovsky piano concerto), I was completely shocked by the encore. This man lead the orchestra by his piano at encore part, then the full picture is in boundlessly energetics, ( P.S. he play again the 3rd movement for encore, I think because the HK’s symphony play shxt at 1st performed. ) Now, I understand more that this work need energetic in 1st priority.,

    I found a version quite interesting. Pianist is Laure Favre-Kahn, I don’t like her other record, but recommend this one, she is smart, both version fit with her style and tecq.

    The record give me feel like close to d live, and some interesting new notes by her in d performance, specially on Chopin’s concerto.(Listen d Chopin few more time if u don’t like in 1st/2nd times.)
  • Mr.DV

    I recommend you some other great recordings but not classical:

    Nirvana Unplugged in New York
    Sting Live in Berlin under the DGG Label
    Indigo Girls - Poiseodon
    Any recording by Mr.Children

    The system needs a lot of speed and attack to get these right. I always find if the speed is right, then the rigthness of tonality follows. But not the other way round.
  • Noted with Thanks!
  • This is not difficult for me to choose my favorite record for the past year, there is a record always in my mine. Karine Georgian’s new record for Bach Cello Suite, the deep inspiration and the dance rhythms always attached me, I always find more and more enjoyment in back to back listening each time. An important version as great as the past legend performance!

    Refer to the recording quality, I thought it is not good enough in d beginning, BUT I was wrong! The sound does improve every time I did some right things in my system, I m still try to digging out how far it could sound better. Have fun and Marry Christmas!
  • Other version of Bach Cello Suit from Robert Cohen is also very good, very musical and focus more on the dance rhythms. But lost colour on deep and details after listen Karine version.
  • My vote is STING - LIVE in BERLIN. Excellent atmosphere.
  • 再推多次!!! 之前只在Headphone上聽, 上星期第一次放落Virtu度聽。 嘩!D聲正到爆晒燈!!!(Mono recorded) 同時演奏相當精彩絕倫, 她當時的心理狀態應該是相當完熟。這種千錘百練的琴聲我想真要從前代人的錄音先聽到。

    本書仔話學琴嗰時Guller成日食住Haskil, 所以Haskil要等佢畢業之後再讀多年....

    This is recorded at early 60'. The record quality at 50'is much worst and performance not as good as this.
  • Forgot to mention, what i talk is the Beethoven PC.No4, Mozart is not bad too.
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