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Two months ago, I found a record with piano by Viktoria Postnikova, I did not hesitate to keep it for my collection. The record title is: ( Boris Tishchenko – “Concerto for violin, Piano & String Orchestra” and “Dante Symphony 3” (Live!) )

The big surprise is on the concerto and the symphony3. I first know Boris Tishchenko name is from this record, Shostakovich’s favorite pupil, a composer, conductor. This is kind of modern or 20th Century music, there are lot of different instruments sound with lot of dramatic. The Moscow Symphony perform very rich details under conduct by G.Rozhdestvensky.

This album become my most repeat listening album in the past two months, I had no idea how to describe and judge the music, but it just attract me to go listen again and again. I highly recommend!!!

Recording is audiophile grade. CAUTION don’t play too loud if you ve heart attack!

Sample -


  • Mr.DV, sound interested!
    where to get this record?
  • Studiogrey, Long time no see, how your phonos doing?

    I get from IXC, but web purchase is everywhere and easy too.
  • Mr.DV, thanks.

    I have enormous interest in your field coil based Virtu speakers. Can I audition them when you feel comfortable to do so? I rarely ask for home visit but the Virtu is something that must be very special.
  • Mr.DV, the phono still fine tuning, now is changing some capacitors to obtain more musical sound.
  • 灰室兄,

    你在改裝Wavac瘋佬嗎? 你地真係愈玩愈叻!
  • 發哥,之前個Wavac phono無論怎放都有hum聲.最後將個電源牛改成tango牛及將地線加強咗,宜家hum聲減少咗9成..
  • Raymond,

    Million thanks for your interest, unfortunately, a driver has some little problem pending to be fix, and my kids make me brain tag now. But good news is I m ready to move and will built an Audio room, would you mind come help me listen in later of the year.

    Thanks and appreciate!
  • grey, 你愈玩愈叻!
  • DV, glad to hear you will build a new audio room! You must share us the progress like PT did. I hope I can build my own one too! I'm so jealous of you guys.
  • Mr.DV,

    Good to know you have the passion and ambitious to build a dedicated audio room. I trust your system is something very special but need to work hard on all parameters to get it perform. We have something in common - the AAS Gabriel turntable. That says a lot about our taste on the front end. Had you already pay a visit to DSo to audition his Gabriel?

    By the way, how many Gabriel users here?
  • Me too.
  • Who like Youra Guller? I only own 2 of her record: The Art of Youra Guller and other is issue by Green Door. If you ask me to pick my favorite female pianist, her name will first appear in my mind.

    ***For those fans like me: DORON has new release her record of Beethoven piano concerto no.4 and Mozart No.22!!! (Record at 1964 and still play very good.)
  • I just bought 2 cd, which i like very much, they relax my brain and i enjoy very much at late night.
  • Barcarolles - Delphine Bardin
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