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Tidal Contriva Diacera SE landed

The Tidal Contriva Diacera SE landed at Mark's home today.


  • to be driven by whole set of Zanden electronics...
  • One channel unpacked
  • Setting the feet for the CD SE.
  • Glossy Mahogany finish
  • The Zanden amp sitting on SRA Ohio XL+2
  • It's always a pleasure to see more Tidal users around. The Contriva Diacera with SE crossover is probably the best buy speaker in the category "state of the art".
  • Glad to see another person on the Forum with the exact same speaker as me. Would be interested in finding out how it sounds with the Zanden electronics. Please post your comments once you've recovered from the shock of how amazing this speaker sounds!
  • 我有很多東南亞朋友也說Zanden Power M比833好。這位朋友有品味!
  • 剛看完以下的評論,



    Mark哥, 當你有時間, 請分享你的感覺.
  • In a few months' time, I will join this proud owner of Tidal Contriva Diacera to allow a family union of my Tidal amp suite with their home grown speaker. Albeit intermediate compared to Sunray, I still want to take such a step to upgrade my system to get a complete suite of Tidal end to end. I am very excited about this upgrade although Cessaro has served me a good 3 years with 2 upgrades in-between. It is undoubtedly a very good horn matching well with most of the amps that I have used with it.

    PT resassures me several times that I cannot be wrong either going for an upgrade of my current Cessaro or a full suite of Tidal though I am not ready for Sunray yet. I do believe both systems have their own strength but in my entire hifi journey, I have never owned a whole suite of gears like Mr. DV, Mr. Zanden who are very focused and can synergise the whole system of the same brand. Though I am still far far away from calling myself Mr. Tidal, this may be a good start for me to have a first taste of a one-suite.

    All AE buddies, do you think I am making a good move?

  • It is indeed a big surprise to learn Marvel bro never owns an entire suite of system with the same brand. Are you done with "mix and match"? Are you willing to give up your renowned "hi fi" playboy status?

    I have no experience on Tidal but Uncle Ray should be able to give you a complete lecture on this subject.
  • Voy,

    You are quite right, mixing and matching generates more fun and that might suit me...I saw big successes in PT's Syren+Takumi+Cessaro setup. The decision to go a full suite was not a light hearted one...I really want to park into a single brand suite which I have firm trust that when it is a whole suite, it does not colorate and it does not exhibit a stronger presence of teir product signature. So far, I have found myself on an one-suit game is Argento.

    Having said that, I still have Takumi to play as te 'devil's advocate' in case my mix and match playboy character the way, how do you find your Syren Black Label....

  • I am glad more is joining the Tidal camp. The neutrality and hence transparency offered by Tidal speaker is simply one of a kind and unique. I never subscribe to the view that tube based gears means more musicality - quite the contrary in most circumstances: thickening of the mid range of romanticing the pace and rhythm most of the time equals to musicality. This may be good enough for some but not good enough for me.

    The color comes from the artist inside the recording not from anything esle. If you are determined to execute the Tidal well, the one-suite gear approach is of course a done detail but please do correct your room deficiencies because Tidal will brutually let you know what is not right. Don't blame it until you know what is going on.

    Your fundamentals from a hardware point of view has few equals in the broader audio population. Expectation on performance is thus high. I feel a one suite Tidal will get you back on the right track.

    No offense to tube lovers but the only tube based preamp that does everything right is the modest Tron Syren black label, all else belongs to the next categoty.
  • Your endorsement on the syren black label is enchanting. It is a statement on preamplifaction.
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