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巨匠 versus 威域金人

究竟星期六幾點開始? 主持人請記得帶以下銾音:

1. Sarah Maclahlian After Glow Live
2. Chris Botti Live at Boston
3. Katie Melua Live at O2

當然一定會有好多古典錄音, 最好有Mr.Children.


  • This is very exciting. May I join too? Do you like Chris Botti playing trumpet too? I think it is a great recording. Track 6 with Yo Yo Ma and Track 7 with Josh singing Broken Vow are very touching.
  • 發哥

  • Is it some kind of war going on?
  • I went to listen to PT's system again last night...since my last visit, there have been quite a few further fine tuning by PT with the advice/assistance by PTsang, Mr.DV and his non-audiophile friend Jon. Jon is a very experienced musician and I believe having Jon's comment is the final testament on how PT's system is compared with live music.

    I am deeply impressed by the CD playback on the several CDs which have been vigorously discussed in another thread. Hearing is believing again strike my mind and heart. For a one-box CD player, what else can one complain and at one stage I asked PT if he has connected the Vekian DAC but he said no...just the Zanden CD player. We went on to the put the Coral feet underneath the CD player because I saw the CD player is sitting right next to the outlet of the subwoofer in the 1st reflection zone. I reckon that quite substantial vibration would be caused by the bass wave not just on the chasis of the player but also the CD itself inside the cabinet. After the 'further' isolation by the Coral feet, we both agreed that the contour become much distinct without sacrifice on the coherence and smoothness. A credit to this cost effective tweating tool!!

    Back to PT's system, I remain very impressed by the Takumi everytime I hear music releasing out from it in a very natural mood only determined by the music itself! IN the upcoming Takumi vs 833, I am sure it would be THE Amp fight of the decade! Being a Wavac supporter, I am in a dilemma of guessing which amp would stand out...Here we are talking about a pair of pre+power compared to one another, no issue on matching of in-out gain, synergy etc....views coming out from this comparison should be fairly objective and straight forward. I will definitely go to witness this. Charles, do you want to come and cheer up for DSo....

  • Fat's recordings will be a big challenge to the 833 especially the one by Sarah Maclahlian. High frequency is not just about sounding smooth or extended; there is dynamic behavior at high frequency.
  • As an owner of 833 and a future owner of Takumi, my comment may seem more objective. I am leaning more towards the side of Uncle Ray.
  • Venue: DSo Home
    Time: 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm

    Robert will bring his own lab version dac/preamp to mate with the Takumi driving DSo's Cessaro.

    Dinner to be followed: at 7pm in Wan Chai
  • It will be very nice if you can remind Robert to speed up the delivery for me, Shanghai Bigpiece and Marvel bro.
  • Despite the temptation of the Syren Black Label preamp that I have heard twice in PT's system, I have very high expectation on MrKoda's maestro skill in amplification after hearing the unforgettable performance of the Takumi! Look forward to meeting him in person tomorrow and hearing two giants singing on Cessaro...

    DSo, please make sure you have enough beer and ice to cool us down!

  • Someone please take LOTS of photos and post it on the forum! I would have loved to be there!
  • Robert was unpacking his DAC (without analog stage) and a modified Denon transport. This is the dac that he uses in his laboratory. it goes directly into the Takumi in "current" mode without an analog output stage at all. That means there is not an active preamp in the chain.
  • They look like something like this
  • We rarely see the big boss is in action. This is a rare pic
  • Then we brought the Takumi to DSo's home yesterday. Studiogrey, Mr.Zanden, PTsang, Marvel, Mr.DV, Mark, Charles and myself were all there.
  • They were listening attentively.
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