Azzurri, thank you for introducing Katie Melua to me.

When I and Ralph lived in your apartment in Shanghai, Ralph took out the recording of Katie Melua LIVE at O2. He played "the Nearest thing to Crazy" via your system. I was immediately drawn to this beautiful voice. Not the angelic type of female voices, not quite similar to Norah Jones; maybe more tender and yet there is power underneath. Her voice leads me to think of both the past and the future of all sorts of things.

Her voice has become my reference testing material for my system. Of all the songs by Katie, I like "That's what I miss about you" the most. The recording quality is not bad for a pop, especially the voice.

By the way, your music library shows me you have great taste. I picked up some names from your collection. But I am simply just melted down by Katie.



  • Bingo! We are all "the Nearest thing to crazy" in this group.
    I certainly like "Feeling 22, acting like 17". Her Live in O2 recording is good. Her exact video on youtube elevates my appreciation of the Grimm clock and all the FMR cables, as she was simultaneously playing piano and singing on the track "That's what I miss about you". All the physical movement of her head was captured by my system.

    But she is not new. She's been around for many years. I am surprised PT only know about Katie until now.
  • Okie, I will try to buy one in HMV or Tower Record today.
  • Nice young lady. Probably too young for my taste. But I will get her Live at O2 recording today after reading raving reviews from the net. We should discuss music and artist more. A great start.
  • 今日放工去買隻先
  • Bought one today. great vocal.
  • PT, can you help me to buy a copy and mail it to Beijing?
  • Katie may not the best or the most well known singer but her voice and her songs got some substances and are rather luring. Actually, I just got two alumn of her, the first alumb and the live CD. I was attracted by "the nearest thing to crazy" when I bought the first album. I did not buy the subsequent albums as I think there seemed not any breakthrough or very ear-catching songs in subsequent alumn (the albums were not bad). The Live CD is a must buy. I like all kinds of live performance and recordings. The Nearest thing to Crazy is the must listen. It may also be a "test" to your gear... ^_^
  • 我就鐘意那首"九百萬部單車在北京". 原來佢好後生, 佢把聲係好靚, 不是嬌滑那一種, 但好易令中男著迷. 好似和Norah Jones有點似, 但其實唔同, Katie在高中音有爆炸力的同時, 有control (收得好自然), 而且仍然保持到音色穩定. 我每個星期日睇超級巨聲聽Miss Chan Chan批評得多, 也學到小小野. "Nearest thing to Crazy"之所以令佢一炮而虹, 就係因為佢得出後生女對戀愛那種"無知的執著", 是純情, 但又硬脛, 死都唔放, 但到最後被飛後, 只好在痛苦回憶中品嘗翻戀愛的甜蜜.
  • This is very nice too share some more music. Thanks! i will try to fine this album.
    I cannot stop watching Taiwan超級偶像, i listen by a poor head phone every night in past two week, and finally my ears were over tired, i think i need to take rest at least a week....

    Any good quality head phone recommand & head phone amp?
  • 我在youtube睇了許多佢的訪問和現場演繹, 佢給我印象是一個才女, 以她的年紀是好唔錯. 不過在短時期難有突破, 因為這就是佢的風格. 高中音的control和音色平行比Norah Jones好, 中低音屬於厚卻帶少少沙啞, 佢寫的歌亦都是盡量發揮佢最美的部份, 但完全沒有過份賣弄, 假聲轉真聲又或者是真聲轉假聲的transition好順滑, handling好自然, 演繹技巧和歌名貼題, 所以容易令聽眾投入.

    最後一提, 當其中一條ground wire冇有接上Troy, Katie的高中音的control和音色平行立即變為冇control冇音色(好似有病唱歌的感覺).
  • PT亦介紹了John Meyer的Continum Album. 我今晚會聽
  • Fat Gor, your commentary is really up to the point and interesting. I like it very much. Please try to find more oppportunity to express your views on artists and albums. I also look forward to your comments on John Meyer...
  • We should have a fourm to talk about music appreciation long ago! We can open a thread and throw in CD/LP which we want to share with the others...better to categorise, say, a thread on classical, a thread on Jazz,'s that sound?

  • 贊成到極!

    John Mayer隻Continum也不錯. 錄音好好. 不過被上海大舊哥一語說出Eufro弱點. 因為Track 4: "地心吸力" - 低音好重, 我覺得個低好似走了出來, 雖然好過引, 但不連貫. 唉, 我又冇威域八三三, 部功放可能control唔到.

    John的聲音有點蒼桑感, 唱幽怨路線好夾, 加上那支懷舊電結他聲, 幾好feel. 不過佢音域不濶, 但佢編曲亦是盡量表現他蒼桑的中音至中低部分, 中高佢把聲是上到去的, 但不他喜歡用這個range表達情感, 反而我覺得他是用支結他去說完歌詞未能說盡的感覺.

    聽了成晚, 最後都係要聽Katie再唱 "最接近瘋狂"才能安睡, 但最後聽了兩次, 因為第一次條Ground wire又跌了落地.

    今晚我會試Master Reference Ground wire, 明天再report.
  • Fat Gor, I really love your commentary... please continue. PT recommended me the latest album of Bon Jovi, Sting and Michael Bubble. I have already asked my friend to buy them and bring it up to Shanghai. I think you will not miss them. Go get them and write something... ^_^
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