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Studiogrey's new Wavac PR-T1/Marvel's new Wavac LCR-X2 phono

I was damn busy today. I am so glad to see Wavac further improves the already lengendary PR-T1. When we were connecting the power cables in between the PR-T1 power supply/transformer/main chassis tonight, we clearly see the groundings of these wires are improved. Even in the first few minutes, both I and Studiogrey notice significant improvement in speed and hence dynamic. Bass elasticity is lively rendered even in the first 5 mins! Obviously, the PR-T1 needs more run-in as this unit is brand new. Can't wait to see how it matches with the MD805 in two weeks' time.

Not enough time to set up the new Wavac LCR X2 phono utilizing Nobu san's invention of LCR circuit in Marvel bro's home tonight, and will do so tomorrow evening. Very exciting!


  • 一直以來,玩HiFi的共識就係run in,所以我對今晚的換机,會想,死火,又要花時候run in,但
    聽下Usher啲R&B音樂, 音像粒子一下,一下的散出來,連一歲多的小女兒都跟節拍一下,一下的揮手.
    聽瑭瑭, (我自己覺得唱得好有感情的大陸女歌手)"情難枕"時,之前舊版會較靜啲,但新机比我覺得她唱得更投入...
    Nobu San,好嘢!
  • Enjoy music!!!

    Can't wait the MD805 challenge your Ayre Flagship.
  • Nothing I can say at this moment but only have time to post some pictures of my new phono. I have not compared it with Syren as I have swapped to use Karan preamp for about a week pairing it with ASR phono.

    Wavac phono on the first 10-15minutes clearly needs warming up but after that, all the micro dynamics and 3-dimensionality of the musical objects surface! Will continue to break in before I report more in this forum.

  • Marvel bro,

    The Wavac phono arrived. Over here in Taipei, it takes around 30 hours for the LCR-X2 to show all the color. The circuit is excellent design. There are no capacitors on the signal path. It sounds like you version over there may be the latest.

    Studiogrey, with respect, your ayre amp is good engineering. The Wavac 805 is another class. There are plenty of air in the bass area requires explosive power of the 805 to pump them out.
  • Studiogrey, I envy your ownership of this preamp. The phono is beautiful too. I will sell my ayre k1x soon. I am sure you will love the 805. There is no trace of transistors sound.

    Chu Hwee from Zhejiang
  • Studiogrey兄台,你部黃金俠真係好堅!連有彈冇讚的老李都聽到目定口呆,把人聲真到無倫,大小動態極為流暢,好少見佢地幾乎想要插埋條FLOW落去試下還可有幾靚,好野,真係好很野!小弟好很羨慕!
  • I'm also eagerly await the 805 but I really satisfied with the MXR now. The tube amp is next level of gear I never taste before, just wonder how many user of wavac 805 at Hong Kong.
    Chu Hing, you plan to use suit of wavac?
    Marvel bro, what PC you plug on the LCR-X2? I'm using BMI Piranha 24k, very harmonious with my PR-T1.
    I have only thing to complain for the PR-T1 is the gain, not any mark on it, each time I have tune again when my little daugther turn it over.
  • Studiogrey, I ordered a PR-T1 today. Waiting is painful, at least 2 months from now. The gain, Ito san wants us to train up our ears! Ito san is the student of Nobu san. Nobu san passed away already. All the major circuit invented by Nobu, Ito san futher improve it.
  • Studiogrey, any notable improvement after more warming up?
  • I played yesterday night, the sound a bit backward then before, I can feel the rhythm of violin that I never hear before and feel the passion of the player.
    The most improvement is music present the passion of player,
    If first version is starker, the new version is Jacqueline du Pre.
    both play cello very well but Jacqueline let me feel more enjoyable,
    only my 0.02 cents.
  • Is the new & old version that much different.

    People usually say Wavac is famous on power amp, but i think they have built a great pre - "PR-T1".
  • Marvel大大,你部威域瘋佬又如何?跟那部銀蝙佬又點比?Studiogrey兄愈聽愈興奮,好羨慕你地
  • 發哥

    你用什麼前級呀 有沒有試過胆前級呀, 我的shindo前級雖然未是wavac級數, 但你試後, 你一定說好^^
  • 發哥,你都整个pr-t1試下,配MXR真係唔錯.
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