EMT 128 Phono Stage and Novel Gold cartridge

Piano Tuner
edited July 31
The EMT 128 phono stage using micro tube technology is set to eclipse all previous designs by a wide margin.  EMT Tontechnik has chosen a sub miniature vacuum tube, originally built for a premium amplifier application in an US missile. This tube convinces with
  • compact size
  • outstanding linearity
  • low plate voltage
  • low power consumption
  • low heat emission
  • high longevity

EMT Tontechnik has taken over a good stock to secure the availability for many decades. The chassis is crafted from a solid block of aluminium with artisan polishing in Switzerland. 

The EMT Novel Gold cartridge (flagship model) utilises innovative multi-layer core transducer technology.  Usually, the coil of an MC cartridge is wound around a massive iron plate. The EMT Novel technology features a multi-layer core transducer with two galvanically isolated iron-plates arranged around a titanium structure. This design has the following advantages:

  • Reduction of the moving load
  • Strengthening of the mechanical rigidity and therefore reduction of distortion
  • Improvement of efficiency and eddy-current loss for more natural and dynamic sound.

We will demonstrate them together with Da Vinci Equilibrium turntable at HK High End Audio Show next week from Aug 6-8 at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. 


  • Referring to another thread in this forum which I started in 2009 when I was using the EMT JSD gold Cartridge and the legendary JPA66 phono stage, it took 12 years for me to reunion with EMT for the latest high flying combo: 80th Anniversary Limited edition Cartridge and the 128 phonostage.  It is so amazing to see how much has been improved thus heightening the realism of vinyl playback!