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EMT 928 turntable/909 arm/128 Phono Stage and Novel Gold cartridge

edited February 2023
The EMT 128 phono stage using micro tube technology is set to eclipse all previous designs by a wide margin.  EMT Tontechnik has chosen a sub miniature vacuum tube, originally built for a premium amplifier application in an US missile. This tube convinces with
  • compact size
  • outstanding linearity
  • low plate voltage
  • low power consumption
  • low heat emission
  • high longevity

EMT Tontechnik has taken over a good stock to secure the availability for many decades. The chassis is crafted from a solid block of aluminium with artisan polishing in Switzerland. 

The EMT Novel Gold cartridge (flagship model) utilises innovative multi-layer core transducer technology.  Usually, the coil of an MC cartridge is wound around a massive iron plate. The EMT Novel technology features a multi-layer core transducer with two galvanically isolated iron-plates arranged around a titanium structure. This design has the following advantages:

  • Reduction of the moving load
  • Strengthening of the mechanical rigidity and therefore reduction of distortion
  • Improvement of efficiency and eddy-current loss for more natural and dynamic sound.

We will demonstrate them together with Da Vinci Equilibrium turntable at HK High End Audio Show next week from Aug 6-8 at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. 


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    Referring to another thread in this forum which I started in 2009 when I was using the EMT JSD gold Cartridge and the legendary JPA66 phono stage, it took 12 years for me to reunion with EMT for the latest high flying combo: 80th Anniversary Limited edition Cartridge and the 128 phonostage.  It is so amazing to see how much has been improved thus heightening the realism of vinyl playback! 

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    edited September 2021
    Today I went to AESW showroom and listened 3 hours to 3 cartridges: EMT Novel Gold, Xquisite ST and Fuuga. EMT was on Thales statement arm, Xquisite ST was on Da Vinci arm and both of them sit on Da Vinci EQ turntable; while Fuuga was also on a Thales statement arm sitting on Monaco 2.0 turntable. EMT was driven by EMT 128 phono, while Xquisite and Fuuga were driven by JMF 7.2 phono. Ok, enough for introduction, it is a complicated vinyl front end I’d have to admit. However, it’s always a rare opportunity to audition different cart/arm/turntable combo in the same system. 

    While Xquisite and Fuuga which I’m quite familiar with sounded beautiful as usual, I was deeply impressed by the EMT Novel Gold. IMHO, it is a totally different animal than other top cartridges. Like a magician , it draws you into the music immediately from the very moment when the needle was dropped. It is raw, pure, immediate and super dynamic, the energy of the music was never heard of. Chris put on an old recording of violin and piano sonata and I said usually I tend to fall asleep with this kind of music however with EMT Novel gold, my mind was constantly focused and due to the unusual level of energy the rhythm and vibe of the piece can be clearly defined thus make the piece extremely pleasing. 

    When it comes to vocal, again, energy, energy, energy. Carol Kid’s voice punched my heart like a hammer and the connection with the singer was never that close. 

    I encourage you all to have a listen to this masterpiece if you have the chance, it may change your mind about vinyl reproduction completely, Bravo Micha!
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    edited October 2021
    The upgrade of my vinyl system was ear-witnessed by Edison from N&E Audio who installed the EMT Novel Titan cartridge for me.

    We auditioned "Ballet Music" LP together and immediately realised that musical notes at the micro level alongside aura at the macro level deliver much stronger and more direct energy, energy, energy, .. (as MichaelM mentioned) across the whole frequency spectrum.  The contour of instruments and natural decaying of harmonics are resourceful within the sound stage.   There is no compression of any sort amplified from Zanden 120 Phono Stage.  I repeatedly played the album of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" 3 times, and kept shaking my legs endlessly “ 腳Un Un ”..... :)

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    Congrats Burni!  EMT and Michael Jackson must be a match in heaven
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