Product of the Year 2020

2020 is coming very close to an end!

Whilst all of us are hoping to walk out from the agony of covid 19, it is still a very busy year in terms of new technologies coming into play in our fond hobby. 

Please vote! 


  • This year is spectacular for AE.  I can’t really nail which one is product of the year because the effect of them is accumulative.  I can only speak from the angle “exceeding my expectation” the most - EEE ground wire, and Dalby Pirueta Record Weight. 
  • Jeff

    Totally agreed.  I am also struggling.  This year has witnessed many ground breaking products such as Wellfloat, Pirueta, Annapurna, Airblade, last but not least, FMR EEE. 

  • My votes :
    Troy Signature NG and Vertere HBS powercord.
  • I pick Argento EEE ground cable to be the first, then followed by Troy Signature NG and Wellfloat Delta/platform as these products can enable higher degree of darkness and release positive energy from lovely music/songs. 

    Learner 😄
  • 一定係Goebel AEON!
  • EEE, WELLFLOAT and Dalby Pirueta. 
  • Air Blade is truly revolutionary in engineering. 
  • In terms of technology breakthrough , I vote for Air blade,  Pireuta and 傲雪preamplifier ( thought not yet heard its performance, only based on PT description of its configuration) 
  • this year has been a difficult year for most of the ppl but tremendous for AE. Therefore it is really tough to pick the product of the year since there are too many ground breaking products. For me I’d go for:

    1, Wellfloat, the full product line 
    2, Durand Tosca arm
    3, Airblade 

    Additionally, for me personally my favorite product for this year is Da Vinci EQ turntable, it is simply the most beautiful component I’ve ever seen plus it sounds great too! 
  • Wellfloat , Air Blade and Annapurna
  • 我認為Air Blade 和 WELLFLOAT。
  • VRamos
    edited December 2020
    Zanden 1200S phono stage is my choice for Yamada’s life long achievement in researching the art of vinyl reproduction. I also pick Air blade because it is revolutionary from all angles. Even million buck speakers cannot achieve a fraction of the dispersion capability of air blade.  
  • 1.  Leading the way this year has to be the Wellfloat platforms which is able to unleash the true potential of my speakers and subwoofer.  Amazing technology, packed into a small package.  Truly revolutionary.

    2.  Yamada's Zanden 1200S - Yamada-san's mimicking of the audio transcription process to vinyl has allowed us to come as close as possible to when it was actually being recorded.  What a feat?!

    Keep there energy, philosophy and passion going.  

  • My final vote is Airblade.  Very difficult choices among EEE, Wellfloat, Esprit cables, igniculus, artheluthe stiletto... 
  • I vote for Air Blade, the replay of Canon D has been phenomenal with it until now in my heart.