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AE Sheung Wan - The Study Room of Emperor Qian Long - 4D experience



  • Zanden 1200S is now the house phono stage at AE Sheung Wan. 

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    Given Miguel of Tripoint’s suggestion’s here, Arthur decided to add a ground post for connection to Tripoint ground filtration instrument. 
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    My favorite binding post. WBT Nextgen low mass pure silver binding post, for extra conductivity and ultimate purity. Part # WBT-0705Ag 

  • Hi Miguel,

    I see you are using the Cardas pure copper binding post most of the time. Is there any preferred product to use the mentioned WBT silver binding post instead?
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    Hi Richard,
       All new Troy NG product uses a Tripoint proprietary developed binding post, built in house. If dimensions qualify, WBT Nextgen Silver is the best choice for components.

  • Hi Miguel,

    Thanks for your answer. I understand about the new binding posts for the Tripoint grounding boxes, nice pictures btw! :smile: However, I saw you previously had an extra grounding post with Cardas copper installed on your speakers. So judging from your comment it is now actually recommended to install the WBT silver instead of the Cardas copper for grounding, just double checking. If so, will you upgrade your ground point on the speakers as well? 
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    Hi Richard,

         Will upgrade my speaker binding posts to WBT Nextgen Silver in the near future. Yes, very substantial upgrade over the Cardas.

    Happy Listening! 😀
  • Hi Miguel,

    OK, great to know! Looking forward to see a picture of your WBT upgrade by then  ;)
  • Delivery of Cessaro Silver Signature 

  • They are driven by Engstrom Monica Preamp and Engstrom Arne.  
  • Jeff

    When will air Blade arrive?

  • In 2 weeks!

  • Great job!
  • Air Blade is a crown jewel achievement. 

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