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AE Sheung Wan - The Study Room of Emperor Qian Long - 4D experience



  • Tripoint Empress, Argento FMR jumper and Gaia. 
  • Then I bought a better microphone to record field experiences so that I can share immediately online within the AE community.

  • What are the improvements after using FMR jumpers?
  • edited August 2020
    The improvement is huge especially the visibility of focal point of where energy originates.  Substantial improvement in agility of mid bass attack.  
  • I will come for another round of audition tomorrow. My family was poisoned by the Lord Raven Strad violin.  We wanna know what does the Gaia and FMR jumper could possibly improve how much further!  My two sons are learning violin since the age 5.  And they invited their violin teacher to come along to experience.
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    今次我再聽Mutter拉舒特拉的名單,和上週未用FMR jumper 和 Gaia 喇叭線去氣刃的進步是非常大。Lord Raven小提琴的發聲點和其能量的發展步伐非常之清楚,而且我可以感受到Mutter在高域的控制力可鬆可緊,能量的擴散立體感嚇死我,然後梁生再播放麥田之歌和Jeff Black,最後我做了想不到的一個決定:訂購了一對「氣刃」。

  • Very microscopic fine tuning begins. 

  • What are these? Cable supporters? Where are you using them in AE SW?  What benefits do they bring to the overall scheme?  I saw them in Divin Lab too. 
  • Wils

    Cable lifter by Vertere
  • pt

    what major improvements you have found upon application of the lifter ?

  • Focus of bass notes clearly improved. 
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