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AE Sheung Wan - The Study Room of Emperor Qian Long - 4D experience



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    OMG x 2. 
  • Had some body already auditioned the integration of air blade with the Wagner?
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    Zanden Master,

    Yes I was there for 30 mins to pick up Arya ReVopods.  There is no turning back on Air Blade, a simple test of on and off, and conclusive.  It is even more dramatic than subwoofer. I don’t know how to describe audiophile language. is amazing to the Nth degree.  
  • Macy,

  • 我曾經現場聽過Anne Sophie Mutter用Strad的Lord Dunn Raven小提琴演奏。Chris播了Mutter現場演奏 Schindler’s List 的一段。這支Raven展現出帶驚艶的音色,而且能量在高域的擴散非常之真實,只有在現場才感受到,卻竟然在這套系統還原。
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    Auditioning an unique setup of Cessaro Wagner with a pair of air blade tweeter and a single 項羽 subwoofer from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. this Saturday 15th August. Below is my learned friend’s remark to share:

    The audition today was beyond expectation.  The Cessaro speakers looked unique and excelled at recreating a presence which was amazingly realistic.  And by that I mean violin sounded like violin, piano sounded like piano, and it’s as if the performers were playing right in front of you.  With live recordings, it felt like you were sitting in the front row of a concert.  It was more than mere reproduction of a performance via a recording, you were actually there, almost.  With Dire Strait’s Money for Nothing, I could hear and feel the plucking and vibrations of the electric guitars, not to mention the power and impact of the drumming - tight, precise and instant.  The quality, quantum and speed of the bass were impressive. 
    It was also the very first time I heard such an exemplary reproduction of Stairway to Heaven, and the first time I learned how good this recording could be when played in the right system.  Most systems could not stand the test of this piece especially towards the end, when all hell broke loose as Led Zeppelin played like there’s no tomorrow (if you know this song, you know what I mean).  Yet the Cessaro, driven by the Engstrom, was able to put everything neatly in place, so that the song ended in a climax, not a clamour, a feat unlikely to be achieved by most other systems.  Bravo!
  • His further remark to share:

    An excellent pair of speakers with all round abilities.  The Engstrom amp also played an important role in reflecting how good these speakers were, and vice versa!
  • Thank you Macy and JCM.

    I would like to hear from Mr Dynamic, Roman, Huber, MAC, Azzurri and Marvel too.  

  • From Mutter, she commented her “Lord Dunn-Raven’ does have a tiger-like quality to its sound, which means that in the big concertos it can bring a roaring, forceful voice.  It also has an amazing capacity to keep the substance of their sound, even when playing at the quietest pianissimo.

  • 氣刃這個名好有氣勢,究竟佢有乜用?有冇多些意見分享?
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    I was honored to be invited to Sheung Wan showroom with a small group for an audition of the Air-blade, which was an eye-opening experience IMHO.

    The addition of the Air-blade brought extra openess, air, sparkles into the already-excellent system which leads to a much more "being there" experience. In a AB test with/without the Air-blade, I could "feel" much more ambience/spacial hues in the recording that shows where the recording was recorded. Therefore I concur what JCM mentioned above, it brings you closer to the recording and makes you feel "you are there". 

    Also when the Air-blade is on, due to the fact that it is 180' non-directional, even if I was sitting on the side, the image of human voice or violin is tangible, which means you don't have to be at the emperor seat to get the correct image. 

    As to violin, my lord, wasn't it beautiful! For the first time, I realized the importance of high frequency linearity to reproduce the violin correctly. With the Air-blade, you can hear every nuance of the beautiful sounding instrument so that it is much easier to appreciate the best from the mediocre. Mutter's Schindler's list sounds so amazing that I bought the album from Amazon immediately. Air-blade is crucial to reproduce the harmonics of violin which could extend to 4k-10khz. 

    Air-blade is not a plug-and-play though, it takes some time to dial in (different cross-over, speaker cable, positioning etc), however once dialed in, it is a crucial part of the system to reproduce a life-like music experience. In a world where high-end audio gear going into astronomical price level, I've been trying very hard to spend the hard-earned dimes on those that can bring the biggest impact at a reasonable cost. Air-blade will stand strong in that camp in my opinion. 

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    氣刄就像是一把名劍,劃出一道180度的「劍氣」把整個空間填滿。Horn喇叭的聲音很有方向性,很快很集中,加上了氣刄把中間的空白填滿,整個音樂廳的氣氛,便完整地呈現出來。加了這一道「氣」,可以令到結他弦線更實在更有彈力,其實每樣樂器的細節及線條更明確更立體,但反而背景更寧靜,可能音樂訊息填滿空間時,把部分高頻的房間回彈也抵消了。聽Rock  and Pop 時沒有毛噪感,反而更有火氣及現場感,聽得更過癮。

  • Roman,

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