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AE Sheung Wan - The Study Room of Emperor Qian Long - 4D experience



  • Jeff,
    A pity that I didn’t join this event, but I think the weakness of Firebird’s bass is on speed and directness. If these Wagner can produce similar amount and energy of bass, plus its speed and directness, it could really be a giant killer. I would try to audition myself later to find out more. 
  • Hi Jeff,

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    自上一次在神曲工作室那天試驗 wellfloat 墊板後,效果已令我對 wellfloat delta 既期待亦期望。

    昨天在上環 show room 是一次玩味性質較重的聚會,Wagner + 項羽在基本的setup下,run in 幾天,同大家打個招呼。前題是PT 將上環第一隻項羽的integration,由Mac 兄來處理,目的是要放下自己對音響的一些既定睇法,Mac 兄亦是從對鋼琴現場聲音的經驗,向項羽的 integration 下落墨。

    我同意 Thomas 所講,Wagner 聲音比較成熟,聽了幾段女高音後,我聽不出Wagner 和 項羽的裂縫,好完整。一段時間後,大家合力把Delta 放在 Wagner 下,再播回 Pires 的莫札特奏鳴曲,聲音充滿了生命力,能感覺到年少Pires彈琴時候的喜悅。明顯地,項羽也需要 Delta,因為現時沒有比 Delta 更能處理喇叭自身諧振與地面產生的噪音,只有這樣才能聽到喇叭在沒有受到地面干擾而發出直接的全頻。

    從作天看到 Wagner silver signature 的表現,加上將會加入的Air Blade 超高音單元、第二隻項羽超低音,要挑戰火鳥並非無勝算。

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    Hi Thomas,  

    Totally agree with your description of the delicate comparison between the Wagner combo vs Firebird.  It's very precise.  

    Somehow there is an element that makes the Firebird sound very attrective. But with flexiblity to fine tune the phase for the wagner and her direct presentation, I think there is potential to take realisam to a new level.  
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    似乎这裡很多師兄都在比較Firebird 及 Wagner silver signature,但我觉得很难直接比較。虽然它們都是來自Cessarro,但物理上Firebird 是conventional speaker design 加內置有源sub,而 Wagner 卻是正宗horn speaker design 加外置有源sub,兩对speaker 播放音樂取向不同,优勢也不一樣!

    正如上面Thomas 分享,Wagner的强项是低音快,声音直接,听rock and pop music簡直一绝。此外中频開揚也是horn speaker 的強项之一,所以听女高音独唱也比Firebird 稍胜一筹。

    但最惊喜莫过于播piano,由於得Mac相助調較項羽 和 Wagner的相位,Wagner silver signature 播琴聲极度像真,完全不像听音响重播! 在Wagner坐上Well float Delta 及項羽接上FMR EE ground cable 之後,再听同一段piano ,琴聲变得非常灵动,音符像飘浮在空氣中,真的值得一听再听!

    兩星期後,加上Air blade tweeter 後,重听同一曲目,会去到什麼境界?
  • Why the need to add a tweeter on top of a horn loaded tweeter?
  • Zandan master

    According to pt, the tweeter of Wagner is still using compression driver which has limitations to play those music like Roman pine in high frequency reproduction 

    Air blade is game changer for high frequency reproduction which has 40 times larger radiation area than compression driver surface area so it can produce unbelievable sound in high frequency 

    As long as proper integration with Wagner silver , it should be expected another level of playback performance 

    I guess this is the main reason why pt choose to add additional tweeter on top 

  • I was shocked by this recording - Jeff Beck - presented by the system at AE SW.  

  • I also brought in a white ARNE. 

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  • The Air Blade is a cutting edge design. To my knowledge, it has no voice coil. There is no inductance behaviour of any sort. Dispersion is 180 degree and remain ultra linear all the way to 20khz. I believe the blade augments off axis response in a no brainer manner. I am sure PT is researching it on field before he publishes anything.  
  • I admire such creativity spirit of Arthur Marker. It is very original. I have seen pictures of air blade for more than 2 years. The real one looks cool. I am eager for an audition session. Knowing PT well, he won’t organise until he is sure to shock all of us.  
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