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AE Sheung Wan - The Study Room of Emperor Qian Long - 4D experience



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    The first virgin demonstration of Dartzeel under the management of AE this week is meant to TOUCH all listeners emotionally regardless of music type.  

    The system at AE SW is able to recreate a virtual reality (a believable perception) of the full string section of Berlin Philharmonic intertwined by filigree of high frequency harmonics from 20 violins (1st and 2nd violin combined), and probably 10 violas and half a dozen cello. This demo is taken from a DG vinyl record of Pachelbel Canon in D conducted by Karajan. The goal is to touch the soul of any listener. 

    To better comprehend the structure of the string section in an orchestra, please refer to the Berlin Philharmonic.

    Likewise, the same system will play Jeff Beck to make you sweat with lightning fast bass energy penetrating straight into your body at loud volume without uneasiness to your ears. 

    We don’t demo for the sake of switching on the machines to leave an impression. We demo to TOUCH in the emotional domain. 

  • I am looking forward to audition Dartzeel under your management. It must belong to another world.  Your claim above said clearly. 
  • That is the way to go. This is then first brand ever in the history of AE (correct me if I am wrong) was inherited from some other distributors.  PT is a special man. He knows what he is doing. 
  • Looking forward to the debut of Dartzeel!
  • 我星期去拜訪AE SW,在PT管理之下,Dartzeel能夠有幾堅。
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    darTZeel 18NS前級同108後級當年一出已經响尖沙咀代理聽過!是我認為在金工切割與及顏色配搭上最為漂亮的一部器材,睇見真身定必愛上,聲音表現也是動人的!想不到十多年後會再一睹她的風采!
    聽了不同類型音樂,只能說一句實在喜出望外,播乜都極度透明像真,能量感好恐怖,完全粉碎坊間對達蕭的說法(唔夠力水),她已不再是聽小品,音色, 幾件樂器及人聲的機器,而是擁有高速度及強勁節奏感的全面器材!我很喜歡達蕭的率直活生的個性,在播放大柵古典更是我的口味,動態起伏乾淨俐落,這是難能可貴的,其他音色反而可以自行調較,反正聲音都是跟人的!
    逐步實踐的話,我會先買18NS,雖然我亦好想擁有一套,但畢直有限的情況下,我會先入18NS mk2前級。

  • FM Matthew 兄,梁生播了什麼曲目?卡拉楊指揮PB Canon D,你能感受到整個第一和第二小提琴組嗎?大約是二十支小提琴一起奏。
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    你還聽了什麼?PT特別提及卡拉掦的Canon D,是一定有原因,我認為此曲目難度在於整個弦樂組的音色準確度,二十多支,有可能播成得幾支弓,導致佈局失實。你若真的聽得到汪洋式的弦琴海,還要有堂音,又要成隊奏得和諧,因此而覺得美麗,那便真正心服口服。
  • 拿破崙&Jeff兄,

    係呀!正是卡叔指的Canon D,幾多枝我就真係數唔到,但在氣刃帶動下小提琴群奏嘅場面的確好厲害!而最我欣賞就係darTZeel的真實性格,沒有存在太多個性,如果要講出達蕭的個性,我相信就係速度感;能夠聽得出節奏感的前輩們會知道我講咩!所以玩darTZeel要玩出自己喜歡的效果,我估計是輕易而舉的事!
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    I passed by AE SW today. I tried my luck of calling PT if he was there. Bingo! He was there and so I spent 30 minutes there. He was refining the system after Matthew gave him some opinions. This guy really listened to opinion.  He didn’t explain to a woman who knows nothing about technical stuff.  

    Of course, I was listening to the Canon D as this was the wedding music of some of my best friends.  I had never listen to a full symphonic interpretation of this until today. I don’t know too much about Karajan, the German conductor.  

    I listened to this score twice today during lunch time. It was a real benediction to my spirit, and I was touched. (Maybe, woman is easier to be touched.) The ocean of string instruments was quite a “scene to the ear”.  The overall presentation was majestic and noble.  
  • I had a chance to drop by and listen to the Dartzeel setup today.  

    Just want to echo the point on Canon D.  I know what this system is capable of when it unleash its power and dynamics and it is surely very impressive. 

    Where I am really impress with this Dartzeel, Cessaro combo is how it reveals a level of micro dynamics during the softer passages.  This is the first time i feel the presence of the 20+ strings player sitting in front of me in this recording.  

    Same obsevations as we played a few other songs, the micro dynamics gives me a sense of intimacy and realism that is very real.   

    Very impressive indeed.   And btw i love the colour combination of the subwoofer.  A real piece of art work.  

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    Today is the third session this week which shall begin at 10:30am. This is the first attendance of the “core group”, which I further divided into two sessions for better quality control.  The other core group will attend the Nov 7 session. 
    One important information to all: Herve Deletraz of Dartzeel is a horn speaker lover.
  • Weekend is my golf day. Enjoy!  I shall visit in the evenings next week. 
  • Guys, how was the demo today?
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