Product of the Year 2019

Time to open a new thread for your choice of the product which stunned you the most in 2019.

My choice is Takumi K160! 


  • Me too
  • Robert Koda Takumi K160

    Wadax Atlantis Reference 
  • I don’t have a chance to experience Takumi K160.  But PT’s writings are very powerful in moving the hearts of many. 

    My choice is Wadax Atlantis Reference. 
  • Zanden 仁風 phono
  • I am a newbie to the AE community.  I have to say PT opened my eyes and ears to an area which I always wanted to achieve but didn’t know how.  The repeated auditions of AE Sheung Wan, followed by his own home and the ultimate Divin Lab made me wonder how much time had I wasted to satisfy peers pressure. I visited all major showrooms following my friends.  

    Because PT did not do ABAB demo all the time, it is very difficult for me to pick product of the year.  

    But he had done demo of the TROY NG by Tripoint with and without, my jaw was dropped on the floor.  Another AB demo was PT switched off the Xiang Xu subwoofer, all magic was gone.

    So, my vote will go to TRIPOINT TROY NG and Xiang Xu subwoofer.
  • I am not exactly a beginner. After knowing PT, and especially after visiting his home following Gordon who is a veteran in the field, I was held spellbound by his system at home. I had not visited AE Sheung Wan and Divin Lab before. 

    I don’t mean it lightly. The demonstration of Beethoven Violin Concerto shocked me the first minute. I was totally immersed in the concert hall with a full orchestra in front of me. It seemed as though the whole system just disappeared completely. The speed, location, imaging and a feeling of effortless chilled my spine.  When the violinist started playing, the power of the violin projected beautifully.  The whole piece was almost 25 minutes.  We didn’t speak a word and finished listening the whole piece. I applauded at the end. 

    We moved on to listen to 黑教堂 and Carmina Burana at loud volume. I was touched by the saint and yet excited by the collective emotions of the choir.  His home turned into a church.  Put it this way, this is beyond the Hi Fi that I know.  And I have to say this is the best systems I had encountered so far in my life. This hobby of mine is almost as old as my son at 15 years old now.  I played two instruments, flute and oboe, when I was in orchestra during my younger days. 

    Subsequently, I paid a visit to some other old friends.  I had lost interest in their systems. I told them why and I would bring them to PT for enlightenment.  

    This home system? Yes all home system should play like this one and yet it is so amazing someone could achieve such profoundly. 

    Yes PT did the demo of Troy NG and Xiang Xu subwoofer. My reactions were the same as others. But what shocked me the most is how PT could put everything together to the service of music at this level (you won’t understand until you go there).

    I don’t know too many AE products yet. But I reckon Troy NG is a must if you are serious about music. 

    Thanks for an enlightenment session. 

  • 1. Robert Koda Takumi K160

    2. Wadax Atlantis Reference DAC

    3. La sound

    Keep going AE!!!
  • 1. Tripoint Troy NG - every system must be connected to at least one NG
    2. AG EE Ground cable

  • ARNE 300B amplifier by Engström - 多謝梁生介紹這部功放給我的家庭。想當天,PT在AE上環用ARNE播放「仙樂飄飄處處聞」的LP,我的感覺像是看戲一樣,多個小朋友共唱詠的層次非常分明和立體。我不知道原來音響可以重播到能看到的境界。

    Troy NG - 一定不可以冇。
  • Wadax Atlantis Ref. 
  • 四項有著顛覆性意義嘅產品!

    1. Robert Koda Takumi K160

    2. Wadax Atlantis Reference DAC

    3. 項羽

    4. FMR EE ground cable

  • I was with Macy87 to visit Mr Leung. I didn’t know any hi end audio. But I was cheered so much by the replay of “Sound of Music”.   It touched me and left a fingerprint on a memory.  

    That black box, Troy NG, was magical. When Mr Leung unplugged it from the system, the magic was gone. 
  • Fixed ware
    Wadax Reference Dac !  

    FMR EE grd
    Arya Revopod

    Special honey
    Troy NG

    With all the above,  you are an Exotics Hero!  
  • Amp:
    Robert Koda Takumi K160 

    FMR EE ground cable

    Personally, Troy NG is the most wanted item.
  • I have to add ARNE amplifier by Engstrom as one of my votes for product of the year. People who had listened to this amp at AE Sheung Wan in 2019 ended up bringing it home.  

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