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Proliferation of Ownership Worldwide: Wadax Atlantis Reference DAC/Server



  • Marvel, I experienced what you went through.  It didn't take 3 auditions to understand.  It only took 3 songs for me to relate what you wrote here.  This dac is an investment, that is what mind has been telling me since the a 2 hour audition yesterday.  There is no more clear distinction of format under it.  But once again, people would say we are bluffing or bragging in some other parts of the world.  Our aim is not to convince anyone.  After-all, this is a small community.  Javier, bravo to your work!  I am fully convinced by the future roadmap of it.  And the gap of it between the next is a planet away.  No more imitation of mid range density of vinyl, it is about the free of compression of the digital format.  There is nothing more I can write about it.  
  • Voy,Jeff, Raymond, Marvel, who else are we missing in Hi-fi Avengers?  I can't stop laughing thinking jlam playing the Hulk...
  • Anyone coming with me on Monday?
  • The first time I feel computer file is no different from vinyl, Pink Floyd dark side of the moon.  I couldn't tell in a blind test.  The LP was spinning MONEY when we got inside.  I sat down and listened to the whole track almost 7 minutes.  Because it was tremendously good and so I carried on listening to the next track.  PT did nothing and said nothing.  I was totally indulged by the tremendous energy engulfing me and the unrestricted dynamic range.  After 15mins or so, PT asked me, "How?"  I replied the analog setup was excellent.  Then he brought out the iPad, and hit the stop button.  

    I am a big fan of Pink Floyd and collected all version of the LP.  I listened to this album for 2 decades.  Then PT told me I was listening to server????  I didn't believe.  Yes I really didn't believe.  So I asked him to walk me through the system physically.  I even demanded him to let me control the system to test whether he tricked me.  

    I WAS SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then I demanded PT to play the real LP and let me listen again.  There is no more distinction amongst format.  I have to say other top dacs could only imitate the midrange density of the vinyl, but sorry, the sound remains compressed.  It also has a lot to do with music material.  If we only listen to vocal and a few strings, the Arcadia is more than adequate.  

    Be prepared other forums would start saying we are bluffing.  Maybe they better fly over to HK to have an experience before judging.  I didn't believe on the spot.  I know many in the community for over a decade.  I know PT more than a decade.  I have to say the after-shock on me is still strong.  Because I could't play MONEY anywhere close to Divin Lab.  And I played mostly vinyl.

  • 作為一位AE fans,由第一次去Divin Lab,到最近一次試聽Wadax Atlantis Reference,個人感覺,除咗精彩之外,已不再係format 之間嘅比試,因為實在難以分辨,再睇睇reference 喺線材上嘅簡單配搭,就知道佢仲未係PT 心目中嘅最高狀態,期待佢可以將數碼音源推到咩境界之餘,我亦都要好好努力跟各位高手學習,增進自己對音樂嘅知識同聽力,提高自己嘅鑒賞能力!

  • Dynamic兄,

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  • 由於極級寧靜,所以舞台的形態和中西樂器的分佈和排列是清楚的,但是最神奇的是我父能感受到在Sally和樂團之間的堂音是相對於左方和右方較為豐富,非常之真實,完全不覺得在聽重播。此刻我們開始明白在背後低調的Troy Elite NG的貢獻,尤如張真人幫助無忌輕鬆打敗對手的感覺。

    最後Sally一句:一曲琵琶恨正長! 我們連她的表情也能看到。我們不禁拍起了手來。
  • Hi 乙女


  • Wadax Ref DAC and Robert Koda at the Hi Fi Live Show in Valencia Spain :smile:

  • I will let Chris to tell us what the left side two black boxes are.
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    Left side: 
    Upside: Atlantis Transport Silver finished. 
    Downside: Atlantis Server Silver finished without display. 
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