The 6th AE Super Hi End Audio Gala



  • I want one!
  • Yeah!I need one for certainty!
  • As the super fans of Argento, I got this news from PT today!  Thanks Ulrik for sending this breaking news before the show!  I heard 2 are on their way to HK!
  • Wow, good news! Ulrik Madsen is back to action again. Many many audiophiles just dont know the SMR EE power cable more than 12 years ago is still better than many boutique power cables made nowadays. I really mean it as some audiophiles compared their netherland queens to it in my den 2 months ago. 

    Count me. Let the legend continues. 
  • This is such a great news. This community knows what we are talking about.  We all came a long way. Dont underestimate what we discuss casually here could become a topic of interest in foreign public audio forums. SMR EE interconnects and speaker cables decade ago is still more transparent than many made nowadays.  

    FMR EE cables are no brainer. 
  • 請也留一條FMR EE電源線給我父
  • Marvel bro,

    How are you doing?  Are you going to buy up all the FMR EE power cables?  

    Where have you been?  Ever since you established Marvel Music, you simply disappear!  Unlike public forum, this is a private chat group! You dont need to worry about neutrality.  We know who we are and what we are talking about.

    I had lost track of your system development. Afterall you are the Hi Fi playboy.  Have you moved up to a better speakers? 
  • PT sent me these audio pornography!  FMR EE power is absolutely insane! 
  • That looks very serious and substantial!  How do they gel with the electronics? What do they bring to the system? 
  • 萬眾期待的 Argento FMR EE Power Cable - 4 years in the making. 

    The most challenging issue of making the FMR EE power are the male and female AC connectors. 
    They are costly and extremely time consuming to develop. They are the first power connector made for audio from ground up. All other AC connectors are modifications from industrial designs - trying different materials on conductive pins with casing made by plastic or metal.
    This approach severely compromises quality because the amount of conductive material is structurally limited.  For example, the FMR EE power contains an absolutely absurd amount of conductive material - a 2m power containing 800g of silver.  No other after market AC connector can house such amount of materials. 

    Moreover, Argento HAS NO METAL PARTS at all outside of the conductive path. To compare , manufacturer F grounds all metal parts not in the conductive path as the solution. 

    Argento uses PEEK to build the connectors (Manufacturer F uses Nylon).  PEEK is one of strongest polymer materials ever made.  It has very low dielectric constant with temperature tolerance close to 300 degrees Celsius measured  continuously.  Yet flammability is low.
    They are also easy to machine thereby improving parts precision during the manufacturing processes.  
    Argento uses unplated pure silver (plating is a form of coloration) as contact material and “bronze springs” in the female connector to increase contact pressure. 
    There is not a single part/element in the entire FMR EE power cable made of iron. As a result, there is no magnetic influence whatsoever on the power cable. 
    From the conceptual stage to the final product launch, it has taken Ulrik Madsen of 4 years to complete this project to his perfectionist standard.
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