The 6th AE Super Hi End Audio Gala



  • I really appreciate Chris for choosing such a difficult path. His contribution to audiophile world can never be overstated. 
    His generous sharing and pursuance of perfection really signifies AE's spirit. 

    He spent an afternoon with me on playing with the room acoustic for my system, and he discovered many aspects for improvement with a few tracks. I can tell his room acoustic knowledge leapfrogged after setup of Divin Lab where he's done a lot of tests to understand a room. His knowledge can be applied to any rooms, and he is willing to share all his knowledge without reservation. 

    He treated the following in my room:
    1. the diffusion of the backwall behind speakers;
    2. found the right positions for diffusors on side walls at first reflection points;
    3. absorption panels on the floor for mid-bass horns; 
    4. absorption panels on backwall behind listening position;
    5. removal of some sound absorbing furniture in the room;
    6. removal of Vicoustic diffusors which is harmful to any listening room;  

    With all these adjustments, my system is a few levels up, with more layers of depth, more spacious rendering of soundstage, more moist and clarity in vocal, and more importantly, the ambience of a live performance finally appears in my room. When playing some jazz tracks, it really feels like we were in a jazz bar! 

    Once the room is basically treated, it's time to go back to zero by removing some vibration absorption gadgets on my gears to reveal the true sound of my system. The result is very rewarding that those little gadgets may only help when the room was not treated. Once the room is right, the system can perform as freely as it should be! 

    I still need to treat the corners of room with Audio Replas triangles, and add some bass traps behind listening position. 

    Without Chris' passion, and craziness, my system can never reveal its true power. I am so happy now enjoying live music at home!
    It is not aesthetically perfect, but my ears are happy now. 
  • Dear Man,
    I have been following your progress.  I can only imagine the intensity of the quality.  I will be interested to see how you incorporate the panels into the aesthetics of your beautiful room.  Keep it coming.

    See you at the show.

    Best wishes,

  • Reviewing the histories of fhe show and seeing it expanding gradually bring back good memories.  Your hypothesis of not going into the mainland is courageous deeds that I admire the most but seeing how a handful of manufacturers being dumped to the abyss.  People use eyes as their brain nowadays. The north is for commodity.   Commoditization of ideas is fatal.  And many had already walked this path because “no choice”. 

    Back to the show, I was informed the Hartvig Statement Evolution analog turntable is game changer category.  Hiw crazy is it?
  • Divin Noblesse - the cabinet in real piano lacquer

  • PT,
    The Divin Noblesse must be the star of the Show next month!
  • Will the new turntables of DaVinci and Hartvig be available in time for the Show?
  • This is a game changer analog turntable. I don’t speak this lightly.  

  • The Hartvig Statement turntable Will make all jaws drop on the floor! At least it happened to me. It must come from another planet! No jokes here.
  • wavac,  hartvig statement is indeed quite a shock of maximum magnitude. I have never experienced such deep deep deep silence and the outbust of energy in such uncharted manner. Unexpectedly, this could well be the real star of upcoming AE show. 
  • edited June 2018
    This turntable transformed the whole Qian Long system. If I closed my eyes, I would think it is horn speakers. 
    The speed is fast, energy is huge, and yet details are so delicately rendered. When playing the dancing tracks, it was so real that as if a real person were dancing on the wood floor at the moment. The vibration I felt on the wood floor was like real. It means the bass resolution is so stunning. It doesn't send you a big chunk of energy, but a very refined, layered bass that you could experience on the dance floor and music hall. 

    This is the real deal.
  • Year on year, the expectancy of reading the show invitation by PT is only getting higher and higher!  This year, out of my expectation, the introduction of what are going to be in show was not depicted in this article, instead it was meticulously detailed by CKKeung.  Thanks CKKeung for the help, I bet there will be some 'secret weapons' that PT wants to leave it till the actual show to give us a big surprise!

    What I perceived from PT's article is his reflections on the ever evolutionary changes of his business model and how his views change between nitch market and mass market, this year we all see a lot more focuses on facebook, less descriptive stuff but instead it is becoming more visual, concise and straight to the point.  PT really pays much more attention on bilateral interactions with a bigger mass of the hifi community.  Regardless of whether it would eventually translates into monetary returns, PT is clearly eyeing on a wider spread of the company's news by riding on the social media network!

    PT's visit to Man's place is a long awaited one!  When I first visited Man's place, I know this place requires veterans like Mr Zanden, PT, Master Chik to tame the Beethoven system pairing with the whole suite of Atlantis source system and Cessaro amp.  In many occasions, PT questioned we are all undermined this whole suite of Cessaro system and he has to go there to unleash the mystery!  Man also expressed room acoustics is blocking him from attaining the next level thus buying all sort of acoustics materials that he can source.  Tools aside, peer advice/sharing becomes very critical to avoid overdosing, underdosing and wrong deployment.  I am glad to see Man's compliments!  A lot of lessons learnt for myself as well!

  • Hartvig Statement turntable.

    I listened to it in AE showroom 2, the shock to me is much much bigger than any other vinyl related products put in place in the past, period.  The turntable silents all the mechanical noise that could possibly come out from any moving parts of a turntable!  Background from front to back not only can be heard clearly but also can be felt visually!!

    When one is listening to this turntable, this is no such differentiation like hard table, soft table, direct motoring, etc.  How clean is your LP is the only factor affecting the noise that you can possibly hear.

    A turntable absolutely built for the ultimate objective without a single thought of compromising!!  

    Soren, my salute to you after quietly researching for such exotic piece!  You really make a mark and launch a 'Statement' to the whole world!!!!

  • Divin Noblesee finished with many layers of True Piano Lacquer to be unveiled in 2 weeks. 

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