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Thales Statement Arm



  • One thing need to be aware is that the SME adaptor from S2 is not applicable on this statement. Thanks for the help of Chik Cfu, I found a perfect person to help me up to drill three holes on my Air Force 3 arm broad. And it takes no time to finish setting up this arm.

    This statement is much easier to setup than S2. but the built of it is much more elegant and solid than S2. One can really feel the precision of swiss craftsmanship. It does build like a watch. Zero gap between parts and everything fits perfect without tolerance. I wonder how can they make it.


    Without fine tuning the arm with computer, I can’t wait but put on some music. I paired it with Madake snakewood cartridge, my favourite cartridge, Air force 3 and Lyra connoisseur 4.3.

    My first reaction is the music is so definite and control. No fussy edges or uncertain note. Everything render in control manner yet have an authority. The authority part is missing in S2, especially pair with air force 3. My Air force 3 rendering music like floating in the air before, so I tried so hard to force it "walk on the ground". But with this statement, the music walk firmly on the ground, very definite and control. All the good thing that S2 has, Statement enhances them further. But it has an authority that S2 doesn’t have. Like a big brother. Maybe the arm is a lot more thicker and heavier, it does gives a darker background. Again, I cannot tell the character of this arm, cause I think it is transparent in S2 already. But this really push Thales arm to a super hiend league. I listened it together with a Simplicity 2 user. His comment is he understand why this arm worth this price and it deserves it. We listen classic, jazz and vocal. All amazing, especially violin. The dynamic is can go so high yet control. This S2 cannot offers.


    After that night, I  started to fine tuning the azimuth with computer. The 0.1mm adjustment scale really help me to speed up the progress and I can fine tuning the crosstalk to perfect zero which is harder to do in S2.

    Then I listened a few more songs. Hohohoho! I love this arm!!!!!!!!

    The image!!!! I am out of words. I am not good at it anyway. Ha

    All the music is so refine and mirco detail without effort, especially the bass. Low volume, Midnight, can’t play loud, but effortless and refine bass. I listened until 3am again. I want to bring all my LP and listen it again.

    So back to the question is whether it worth this price, I would say yes for sure. This is definitely the best arm I encountered so far.

    And I don’t think you can find another arm in this price range can compete with it. If money is not an objective, then it is a no brainer, especially S2 user. 
  • kah,

    Thanks for a very nice writeup. I can tell from your passion.  Your experiences also mirror what Lincoln Cheng shared with Patrick and a few analog hardcore fans within our group.  Your descriptions about no more fussy images are spot on but many mistaken those mist as part of musicality.  Everything in the scene has a presence. The presence comes not from thickening mid range but real texture that is so stable and definitively presented.  There is so much energy and control.  We were all amazed by the genius of Micha Huber abd Mr F.Carrapa.  Money is well worth just for the sake of the exquisite craftmanship.  
  • Micha told Chris that the alternate name of Statement is "Sleepless Arm".  Because all were listening to vinyl until very late night without sleeping. 
  • YES! i am so sleepy right now. and want to go home and listen right a way!
  • after listening to this arm with a several more LP whole night, just can't help but need to drop some line here.
    i never experience something like this before. Simply amazing arm.
    Need to agree with chris even unwillingly. "you can forgot about S2 after you listen to this statement." 
    Congrats to AE, you got another ultimate weapon!!!!!
    i am so excited but need to get some sleep now. hahaha. Sleepless arm. 
  • Kahw, My sleepless night just begun here. Damn the Statement!
  • I want to maximize the potential of it. Boil the intennal toearm cable further. i did the same with my S2 before.
  • Together with My HB phono cable and IC cable. 打通任督二脈.
  • kahw

    Master Chik will install for me next week. Statement is no brainer. Your passion inspire me!  Never have I ever tried burn in tone arm this way!
  • Haha. Yes, it is a adapter from audioharma cable cooker. they release a lot of adapter this day, like Ethernet and USB as well. 
  • kahw,

    I didn’t sleep again this morning and stayed up all night long vinyl after vinyl.  The statement expounded so much more on symphonic scores.  In some of Wagner’s complicated passge, the clarity and the associated energy conveyed so much of musical intents than fancy audiophile needs. I believe all top arms can deliver the openess, details, dynamics and transients, but NONE could deliver such definitive presence of everything in the picture. Bravo to Micha and Carrapa.  

    It is not a bold statement that this one is a major contribution to the advances of Analog Science.  My Koetsu tiger eye cart could perform beyond reminding me its audiophile traits. 
  • "Deliver such definitive presence of everything in the picture." 
    "Everything in the scene has a presence."
    Cannot agree no more. never experience this before.  you guys have better wording.
    When i listened "Friday night in San Francisco" half speed version. i thought i know this album so well. but i was wrong. 
    The presence of three guitars......... 

  • Hey guys,

    What a party here!  Kahw’s passion is well felt. I am yet to receive the Statement.  

    “Sleepless arm” - what a name! 

    A question to Kahw - how many nights had you not slept?
  • I am lucky that Master Chik installed the statement arm for me yesterday before his business trip.  The statement arm strikes me in almost all aspects...  Sadly, I don’t have the environment allowing me to enjoy my music after midnight.  
  • i cooked my arm in order to get some rest. Wife ordered me to get sleep. Rested for 1.5 days after messing with it for 4 nights since Saturday.
    After boiled, the arm does improve further. 
    mmam, my daughter is 5 years old. i started my party after mid night..... low volume.

    Chris passed me the MEDA ground cable before trip...... sigh, i want to get some rest.
    My sleepless night will start tonight again.....

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