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Thales Statement Arm

Micha Huber told me the musicality of his system after using the Statement arm is addictive.  His friends told him he has made an "ADDICTIVE DRUG" instead of an arm.  As I pointed out many times, the exquisite finish of this arm is no different from million bucks watchmaker -URWERK.  Because Mr. Flavinao Carrapa who is now the specialist for the Thales Statement arm was previously a watchmaker there.  Just take a look at these pictures.  


  • Many people had been waiting anxiously for Thales Statement since July. One of them is Lincoln Cheng of Audiotechnique.  He did not listen to it before because he has 100% confidence in Micha Huber.  
  • Morning Chris,
    How is this beautiful Statement tonearm diff from the previous Simpliicty 2?
  • Kahw will be the prime spokesman customer for the Statement arm. He will be able to answer all questions from the perspective of users.  I am not an expert in analog.  Master Chik will have his own judgment.  As of now, they are all still in Switzerland going through final stages of quality control.  According to Micha Huber, he cannot go back to simplicity 2 after instaling statement
  • kahw's statement arm

  • Thanks Chris for this beautiful arm.
    And it is my honor to be the spokeman for this arm!
    I still think it is the best arm after listening so many others hi end arm!
    Cannot wait to install this!
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    Had you installed yours?  Brief listening yesterday gave me an impression of tremendous headroom and energy. The imaging and spatial resolution are both unprecedented. Master Chik was only using a cheap phono cable and an entry Etsuro cart. He says will change to FMR phono cable today.  The simplicity 2 in comparison based on my subjective comments are timid and politie relatively.  Energy is definitely not in the "big brother league".
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    And the setup was brief without computer guided azimuth setup
  • i will install tonight. Cause someone came to listen simplicity 2 yesterday. Already amazed! 
    His word is " How can you play LP without LP Taste?" it is accurate like digital yet very analog. 
    Can wait to go home tonight to install this statement and see how far it can go! 

    Definitely need computer to get the best out of it. the statement will make it easier to fine tune.
    Cause 0.1mm of adjusting doesn't completely changed the sound.
  • Finally, I finished setup this Thales Statement.

    Take me a few days to understand it, run in, and listening to it. i still think it has a lot more potential yet to explore but i am really a very happy man now with this performance.

    Being a spokeman of this arm. my honor, so i need to seriously listen to it and understand it before posting my word.

    First of all, I love Thales Simplicity 2. Chris told me i was the first person who installed this arm in Hong Kong back in 4 years ago. I choose it without listen because of its design. The look. I like the way and concept of Micha approaching this arm. Why arm setup need to be so complicated in a first place. And the zero-tracking error was amazing. And it proven that I made the right choice. Regardless the price, I still think it was one of the best arm in the market…… until I met Statement.


    Moreover, I was told that I was the first person in Hong Kong, setup toearm using computer software as well. Cause I believe in scientific way to adjust arm will give the best sound.

    One finding in S2 after all this years, it is very sensitive with Azimuth and VTA. Even a 0.1mm adjustment will completely alternate the sound. I have to spend hours to fine tune my arm to get the right spot.

    I heard a lot of negative comments on S2 during all this years, and I always offer to spend one Saturday afternoon to adjust their arm for them. The result is 100% positive so far. Computer adjustment approach is the only way to reveal true potential of this arm, so I have an urge to speak out for this arm whenever I could. I guess this is the reason why Chris chose me as a spokeman for this arm.


    Back to Statement, Chris called me and told me this, “Kah, this is the arm for you” as usual in Chris’ tone after his AE HIFI show.

    I told him “Wait”. I was happy with S2 and I cannot tell the different between Statement and S2 beside it looks thicker in the AE Show. Moreover, I don’t like GOLD. And I was skeptic how much better with this reference vs statement, beside PRICE. Maybe this arm is too “economic” under AE umbrella? All sort of questions in my mind, so I rejected him. And I am a very rational person and very happy with S2 reference already. So NO.

    Along the period, before it launched, Chris was sending more and more information about this arm. And one thing hit me is that Micha finally realized that his arm need 0.1mm adjustment both in Azimuth and VTA and need computer software to get it right. So he Intergraph all new features in this new arm and develop his own computer software to adjust this arm. Okay, this fit my theory on Thales arm. Excited me like finally someone listened to me and think alike, so I decided to give it a trial.

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