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Robert Koda's Takumi MC One Reference Phono Stage



  • Hannes,

    I think Robert is using transformers. At the XLR Input of the Takumi K10.

    looking at the specs (75/37 Ohm) on the Output too.


  • Reinhard

    thank you for the reply. Makes sense using transformers at the input and output. My current phono stage uses interstage transformers in each stage, but the next will have tube amplification again - and of course transformers.

    I discussed with Robert his amplifier stages and if he uses inverted psu connection - which is actual very "state of the art"... As well his projection of the de-emphasis of the RIAA is very clever. Think he amplifies the lower signal (here bass & midrange) instead of attenuate the higher signal. But I will not go to deep into the stuff.

  • "if he uses inverted psu connection - which is actual very "state of the art"..."

    Never heard of it, can you explain?


  • To explain it will bother this thread. But for short, here is the positive pole of the PSU the reference instead of the minus like in usual way.

  • "Since I am waiting for patent protection, I would not disclose the technology at this point."

    Anything new, I am very interested.


  • Looking forward to read more on Roberts work here.
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