Product of the Year 2016

Isn't it a headache?  

2016 continued to see many new products coming up, be them from house brands like Zanden or new breeds such DiscRotation, they are either going into a uncharted zone in a conventional product category or a totally brand new product category...

What is your pick?  Zanden Chukoh and Jinpu, Tripoint Empress, Goebel new generation of Statement digital cables, Cessaro QianLung, Trinity AC Filter, Lars Eric power amp, JMF DM3.7 Transport, Wadax Atlantis DAC, server, Vertere Stage 1 rack/platform, DiscRotator, Artisan Fidelity, Synaestec Saxum power amp, Argento FMR EE series....

Let me take 2 Panadol first and I will let you know my choice....




  • A real headache this year!  Need some time to think clearly. 
  • This year is extremely difficult to just pick one.

    What I admire the most are the followings:

    1. Empress by Tripoint 
    2. Trinity Master Reference AC
    3. Argento FMR EE series (for the most matured listener in my opinion) 
  • Godfather Jeff, we probably have some similarity in character and logic. 

    My best picks in 16 from AE are:

    1. Empress by Tripoint 
    2. Trinity Master Reference AC
    3. Wadax Atlantis DAC/Server 

    All other stuff are top of the top creations but the above 3 represented the biggest shock factor to me 

  • My vote for the Product of 2016 is....

    JMF DMT 3.7 Universal Transport.  

    It has the biggest shock factor to me on how a traditional transport can reach such pinnacle level of performance!

    Runners up include:
    1. FMR EE series of cables
    2. Atlantis DAC
    3. Trinity Master Reference AC Filter
    4. Goebel Ethernet/USB cables


  • This year is just too crazy.  My top picks are:

    1. JMF 3.7 transport (really a shock)
    2. Tripoint Empress (a natural choice)
    3. Trinity Master Reference AC (no peers)
  • 大家好,今年度精彩萬分,我和家父會選擇以下的器材:

    1. Tripoint Empress 
    2. JMF 3.7 transport 
    3. Wadax Atlantis 
  • I gave the topic a serious thought in the past few days.  Here are my picks:

    1. Tripoint Empress
    2. JMF 3.7 transport
    3. Zanden Chukoh preamp
  • Actually, the FMR EE series of interconnect and speaker cables represent true leading edge.  I would add ARGENTO too.
  • My choices are:

    1. Tripoint Empress
    2. Trinity Master reference AC
    3. JMF 3.7 transport

    I try to be different from others.  But these three consistently return to my mind.
  • My choices are:

    1. Tripoint Empress
    2. Zanden Chukoh Preamp
    3. Wadax Atlantis 
  • I know it´s probably out of order for me as a manufacturer to write on this thread but I can't help my self from adding;

    My favorite new products (not being made by Engström):
    1. Qian Long
    2. Wadax Atlantis
    3. Disk Rotator

    But I have not experienced the products that came out after the show in July, and look forward to hear them next time I visit.

    Merry Christmas to all of you.
  • Hey, 10 more days before the Year end!!  Please submit your vote!
  • My picks are:
    1.Wadax Altantis
    2. JMF 3.7 Transport
    3. Tripoint Empress
  • They are my picks:

    1. Trinity Master Reference AC Filter - It  makes the best system even better.

    2. Qian Long - The 1st non-horn loudspeakers from Cessaro. The debut in AE show was ear-catching.  The  coherence and completeness of sound is absolutely amazing.

    3. Zanden Jinpu - The jinpu is the last piece of the puzzle for this master series. The 1+1 >2 takes effect here.

  • My vote goes to:
    1. Qian Long - it let me know that conventional speakers can have speed of horn.
    2. Atlantis DAC - there is no "the best" but only "better".  Thumb up to Javier who can still achieve such a breakthrough over the ultimate trio.
    3. Gobel USB/Ethernet Cables - can't disconnect them after it is connected to my system.
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