SRA Craz Rack 3.1/Scuttle 3.1/Virginia.1

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I was told the first Craz 3 rack will be delivered to HK for the AE Highend show. It was 6-7 years ago when the first generation of the Craz rack became a core part of my system. I have also bought the Critical Mass Black Diamond specifically tailored made for the Da Vinci turntable. I felt it is a bit too 'hardening' and does not really gel well with turntable until I put back the SRA Ohio platform underneath then I feel the music comes back.

Craz Generation 3 is designed and built like Virginia class of their platform if its previous generation is like Ohio class. With a week's struggling I confirm with PT that I will take the first rack to be showcased in the show. This will not just enable me with more rack space which I am having problem for the past few years housing all the gears, it would certainly take me to the next level of serenity as far as mechanical vibration is concerned.



  • Marvel bro, you are always ahead of the curve! Forget about the CMS, it really sucks. They may be good for those esoteric cd player. But for vinyl, it destroys all the precious harmonic tails.
  • I feel tremendously guilty of seeing many audiophiles spending a lot on the rack to destroy thier precious music. I cannot withstand this anymore. I repeat: I CANNOT stand this anymore.

    In the war against "mechanical vibration", there is only one solution - the one and only one. It is the SRA. The absence of detailed technology descriptions on the SRA webpage is because those "tech", frankly speaking, we will never understand given the ultra complexity. The following is the description of the VIRGINIA class isolation platform in laymen terms. If you don't understand, no worry. It is natural.

    In the upcoming AE Super Show, everything will be atop SRA cost-no-object VIRGINIA class platform.

    Performance & additional technical information
    The VCR has a vertical dimension of about 5.50 inches. The footer assembly adds an additional inch or so. When viewed from most positions, the footer assembles are largely invisible. Indeed, the units appear to be floating.

    As one might expect, each unit’s design is based on the gear it supports. As always, SRA pulls nothing off the shelf –– no one-size-fits-all, or broad-weight spreads. VCR is a room-and-product-specific device that assimilates our latest research.

    We are currently producing VCR units in gloss black only. The finish is applied to all surfaces, including the bottom, and polished to perfection. The black footer assembles are coated with a ceramic-based material and filled with a damping material. They are then fitted out with polished brass cones and adjustable stainless-steel spikes with locking nuts. These assembles mate with the internal isolation system via aircraft-grade aluminum “chimneys” that aid in dispersing unwanted heat.

    The VCR platforms stand as our highest performing units to date. In terms of performance and longevity, the visually stunning VCR rivals many of Tellekamp’s military and medical devices. The VCR is several times as effective as the OCXL+², with which it shares features, plus three hugely complex and critically important additions:

    1. A discreet under-skin coupling feature allowing for a clean integration of equipment and isolation. This is all based on a series of tests utilizing a sophisticated modeling, single purpose program, which allows the skin to be custom-designed, per unit. The outer skin’s sole purpose is to permit a free and easy path for the dissipation of undesirable artifacts. There is more too this finish than great looks.

    2. An internal atmosphere made up of several hundred thousand microscopic vacuums sits dead-center within the unit. Its development involved modeling data stream, of no less then 800 entries! This feature stands a key feature in the elimination of sonic anomalies over the broadest possible bandwidth at the highest possible amplitude. In the unlikely event that a floor-based anomaly finds it way through the lower dynamic suspension and vibration defeating designs, it comes to an abrupt halt mid-unit. Neither sound nor vibration can exist or propagate in a vacuum. Similarly, topside anomalies also feed into this section and are thwarted as well.

    3. The highly effective suspension system, based on a design similar to that of a unit Tellekamp designed for NASA’s Zero Gravity Isolation Program, is likewise new. The VCR’s suspension system has the nano-second ability to alter its properties as circumstances demand, be they equipment, air, or room-borne.
  • Craze 3 tech......

    The shelves are made of energy absorbing nanoparticle composites i.e.,
    materials made of microscopic particles (spheres) whose size is measured in
    nanometers (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, or 0.000000001m). The material has a dense, complex, irregular-void matrix structure. In other words, the "void" around each nanoparticle is, in effect, an air pocket, the size and density of these pockets is custom designed into each build in order to defeat the propagation of vibration at the shelf level. This material adds nothing to the sound of the equipment resting upon the equipment rack, it simply eliminates skin effect allowing the music to play as recorded, unaffected by vibration.
  • Hello, I'm a newcomer to AE forum. Just say hi to everybody.

    Attached picture shows my gears sit atop the SRA Scuttle and Ohio platform. Also awaiting another Ohio for the Trinity Preamp.
    Though I can't afford the Craz and Virginia, one thing's for sure, I got the right choice.
  • Kun,

    Glad to see you are online to the forum....after all these mixing and matching for years, I am sure Origine and Trinity Preamp have taken you to another height in terms of the overall sonical performance....please share more about your experience!!

    Certainly don't forget to mention Troy and Hartvig...bravo!!
  • Kun兄, 果然有耳! 除了SRA架外, 大部分美國架都是死聲. FE也不錯, 但唔夠穏.
  • Fire4兄,
    你好,大家都對SRA 嘅產品有讚無彈。
  • Custom Virginia board under the NVS. First thing in my mind after installation - why didn't I do it much earlier? How much time I had wasted? New dimension of Genuine tonal texture is now unveiled. Spatial cues even at crescendo are preserved.
  • There was a big reshuffling of my gears over the last Sun after the Craz3 rack was delivered to me. My first generation Craz rack was bought a long while ago and due to the need to fit the 'landscape' of my previous living place, the rack was specialy tailored with the middle shelf a bit lower. For the past many years, I suffered from headroom issue whenever I want to squeeze something in the middle until the encountering of Trinity which is thin and slim in size....

    The first impression when listening to my whole system after the reshuffling is the music opens up and reaches out more to fill up the space. Imagine you are standing in front of a sand beach, the first wave just hits your toes but the next wave (with the new rack), just pass thru your whole feet and go beyond....I feel more harmonic tails lingering around and passing thru.

    It is always a life long endeavour to fight with noises from the current, electromagnetism, ground and mechanical. With Craz3, I feel I am a big step closer to the end as far as mechanical vibration prevention is concerned.
  • My new setip...still some parking slot for the Ultimate Wadax and ....
  • Today I went to visit kahw's system. A full suite of goldmund electronics aka 29.4m, 22m and eidos reference brought back memories of my old system 12 years ago almost exactly as the same as him. But I didn't have SRA under goldmund amp back then. That brings silence, the lively type, to the listener.
  • And epilogue 1+2 as well........
    Hahaha! really full set of Goldmund.
    I need to stick with Goldmund because of the look.....
    But honestly, without all the cables and accessories from AE, i have no way to acheive the sound that I am so happy with right now. Troy signature, Tim's PC cables, Tim's speaker cable and jumpers and goebel PCcables, flow center, SRA for TT and power amp. All this upgrade bring my system to another level. I bet PT has not invested so much efforts and time back in 12 years old. He thinks I am the most crazy one to trial and testing all sort of jumpers for epi 1 and epi 2. Tim reference still the best!
    No one play jumper in Goldmund I guess.
    Anyway, thanks for coming over. Help me to further fine tune the gain problem of my pre 22m.
  • A black SRA craze rack 3 was just delivered after 3.5 months of waiting.
  • Another craze 3 to be delivered next week