傲雪/宙光/仁風/長空/火雲 by Yamada Kazutoshi of Zanden Audio



  • I had a chance to visit the AE showroom this morning. Again I think this is the best showroom ever in HK. I have never once been disappointed in the past by any system set-up in the AE showroom. Today, once again I was dazzled and mesmerized by 長空. When Chris put on the music, I felt like I was transported to a concert hall and listening to live performance. Really amazing experience. I could literally feel the musicians playing each instrument right in front of me. The appearance of these super pair is also aesthetically beautiful - really a masterpiece of art. No doubt, 長空 will wow its audience in next week's AE super hi-end show. Not merely a hi-end listening but a raw live performance experience.
  • I listened to Chouku with William. The piano sound from Choukou already shocked me when I was outside the door of AE. It appeared like someone is playing piano inside the show room. I stayed in AE for more than 2 hours and listened to different kinds of music.

    One thing out of my expectation is that Chouku sounds very "young". I was expecting a very "mature" image as the amp is the ultimate masterpiece of Yamada. There is nothing negative for me to say the sound is young. I just find the amp is full of energy and passion. It is fast, very fast and its control is the best I have heard. Another thing I appreciate Chouku is that it produces very fine images. This is very obvious when I listened to a piece of violin solo.

    Some people find it happy already to have a system with "sound detaching from the speaker". This is just kindergarten compared to the current AE system. What is most impressive in my audition is that I feel like ALL the gears disappeared. What is left is just like someone is playing musical instrument or singing before me. IF I just close my eyes and listen, I really can't tell the sound is a "reproduction". Choukuo is the amp that could trigger infinite possibility and imagination.

    The last song I listened was 一些感覺 of 雪狼湖. It was shivering when the sound of Kit Chan appeared at the end.

    Lizst has reached its maximum capacity under the current configuration in AE. I have much expectation of Carmen which will definitely boost up the entire system to another level.
  • Here I have to say thank you to PT letting me have a chance to listen this perfect setup before bringing them to the coming show. And share the ultimate sound in AE history so far. Really appreciated and Lucky

    Before writing about Choku, I would like to introduce a bit of my hifi experience before going in detail about my repot after AE showroom.

    I am a newbie in this forum and also in Hifi life.
    I had no idea before about what is pre amp and power amp back in two years ago, but playing with three sources, CD, LP and CAS now. A very serious and hardcore audiophile. I actually read all the threads in overnight after I met PT. interesting people and story here.
    To be honest, I was not impressed by anything showroom nor home visit so far, until I met Yu Cfu in Jadis. He taught what a good music should sound like and how it makes you want to dance together with the music. Yes, It is music but not Hifi. I always have remind myself don’t fall into this Hifi trap. But I always do. Hahaha. Since I am a newbie in this world, I don’t know how put my feeling in words about sound. Only “Good Music” or “ So so” as comment.

    AE is the last showroom that I visited among all others. As usual, PT invited me to come for a listening, even without asking me why I called him. Just interested to know how I know him. I told him “ I don’t know you, but your phone number is written at your website page, and I want to asking some question about agento.” Then he want to come AE showroom on Sat. So I came without too much expectation.
    To be honest, the first experience with AE showroom was somehow difficult. I was shock because of the music it was rendering is so new to me. Horn speaker, Direct, Speed and Dynamic. All are top class. I was impressed by the effort of reproducing live performance to this degree, however, the sound is too frontal to me. I felt like I was sitting next to performer and singing next my ear. A little fatigue for me. PT wanted to me to tell my feeling honestly, so I told him how I felt about it. Very new and impressive but not my cup of tea. but this is still the most impressive experience i had among all showrooms.

    After a few weeks, I visited AE again with some friends, what I noticed the sound changed a little bit. The bass increased and less frontal. Better balance and tonally to my standard. PT told me he changed a little setup after listened my comment. This reply shocked me even more actually. Cause all the “Hifi” expect” never listen to other’s opinion; especially I am only a newbie. This makes me respect PT more. A guy knows so much but still can take other’s comment. This is why AE still improving he told me. impressive attitude.
    After that, I still have doubt this is whether the right music that I am looking for. Horn speaker, maybe when I am getting older and have hearing problem. Hahaha. This is what I thought.

    This is the third time I visited AE showroom with choku. This time I am speechless. Only one comment I have is “好聴”. Keep telling PT “好聴”. No more wording. This is hardest task for me to report Choku, cause it is so “Nothing” to tell. But I will try my best.
    The distance between the audience and performers is so perfect. I am like having a cosy concert with all the performer performing about 15 feet from me. A true live band stands in front of me. All position of the performers is so right but without over clinical. Some super amp perform overwhelming power and pin point to a point, feeling harsh and surreal. But Choku is just right and real. All the comments about all the people who mentioned about Choku is so true. All aspects are perfect. When I mentioned “Nothing” cause I really feel nothing. When I was listening, I feel Choku doesn't exist, disappear. Even it is huge in front of me. Last two visits, I can feel the power amp. This time all gears just disappear, only live music. So I already forgot how Choku looks like now seriously. This is what we call true “transparent” I guess, it is colorless, no MSG at all. This is why the previous called it “young”. Cause it carry nothing about no character but true recording. I am really speechless this time. I told PT, if this is the sound of horn, then I will start think about it. AE truly demonstrate a true reproduction of music.
    The music still lingering in my head after. Wishing can spend more time in the showroom. No wonder PT went back in the early this morning to listening again.
    Cause Trinity DAC and media player was lying on the floor without connecting them yet when I was there. Bet the chemical between Trinity and choku will be speechless again!
    Can't wait for the coming saturday!
  • Kahw,

    Are you the one who is using Kahw as well in HKLFC?
  • Hi, Alex
    Yes! I am.
    Only use one name for all forum that I registered.
    Make my life simpler.
  • Yamada is in town to transcend the Chouku again.
  • Yamada and 植師傅 have become very good friends. I could not jam into the discussion on the subject of vintage record labels
  • All the experts here today spent 5 hours to push the system to a state where we called it 仙境。
  • 貴仁黃老闆成為香港第一個長空功放用家,聞說他只是聽了一小時便決定買下來,恭喜恭喜!
  • I was there with Mr. Wong listening together.

    It is a perfect! Together with vertere combo, the curve control at both end is amazing.

    If one can afford, it is really no regret choice!

    For me is 長嘆, so out of reach!!!!
    Will go AE more, while 長空is still there. 長嘆 before it gone! Haha
    Btw, happy Chinese new year!
  • Maybe we should ask PT to convince Yamada to do a model called 長嘆!

    貴仁黃,果然有taste! 夠豪氣!
  • After 10 months of waiting, Chouku finally arrived at Mr Wong's place.
  • Yamada started installing it at 3pm today.
  • This finishing of this pair of Chouku is clearly a notch higher than the pair at AE. The details are extraordinary.
  • One channel was done.
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