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Analog Domain Calysto versus Goldmund Telos 3500

雄哥叫我如實寫出黃先生昨天Analog Domain的四哥Calysto (550watts) 和 Goldumnd Telos 3500 推Kharma Grand Exquisite比較後的結論.

大家也沒有同廠的前級下, 黃先生認為Analog Domain的Calysto比Goldmund Telos 3500更加配撘他的Kharma Grand Exquisite.  


  • 這裡真是名器滿天下 
  • The result is unsurprsing. We compared them here in Taiwan for quite awhile back last year. Your comments are polite.
  • The Artemis, in this case, can just sit back and relax.
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    All are exotics stuff in the picture.

    Jeff from Taiwan told me a year ago about a close door comparison between Calysto and 3500 so I can more or less imagine the result of the comparison now. But if the argument is to wait for a matching preamp in order to capitalise the true capability of amplification for such USD300K amp, then should I bring the Nurburgring track from Germany to HK to realise the GTR can really go to 100km/h in 3.0 second? Sorry to be a bit blunt but I would have certain expectation on such equipment in its outright without pairing with any other components of the same manufacturer.

    All are exotic stuff as I mentioned at the beginning, one has to spend more effort in the mixing, matching and tuning in order to have the end result bigger than the sum of all...

  • A typo, I meant USD300K for the 3500 listed price.
  • I remember well the old days of 22M and 29.4M with sensible prices corresponding to the quality they delivered 10 years ago. I can't say too much about the mega bucks amplifier because I have never listened before.

    But the closed door comparison between 20H DAC versus Vekian Opus was such a revelation that big house has underperformed so much against dedicated small manufacturer and yet asking for a hefty price tag.

    I believe many of you here had attended this closed door session awhile ago. The clear conclusion is 20H is not in the league able to compare with Opus at all.
  • 已經過了一星期, 黃先生確認Analog Domain的4哥推他的Kharma Grand Exquisite全面勝過Goldmund Telos3500. 他親口叫雄哥在這裡和大家分享鐵一般的賽果.
  • 點解佢不試清楚才買Goldmund? 有冇用Absolue Creation電源幫下手? Analog Domain部Artemis真是超級功放! 四哥 Calysto其實已是超級系列的功後.

    火四爺, 請盡快報告下Argento條新奥運電源.
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    According to the specification shown on the Kharma website, the Grand Exquisite's nominal impedance is 4 ohm, and recommends their own MP1000 amplifier with a peak current of 30A, and a loading of 500 watt at 4 ohm in order to drive the speaker to maximum potential. Based on the official description of the Grand Exquisite speakers, the very first paragraph states the configuration of two diamond tweeters allows incredible projection of width, height and depth of a sound-stage.

    I am thankful of Mr. Wong allowing me to understand a few
    issues on a quiet morning yesterday. There were few conversations but listening. A full suite of Goldmund 22H and Goldmund Telos 3500, carrying a nominal value close to HK$3million, was driving the Kharma flagship. Tonally speaking, the balance is good. But something puzzled me big time. The facts state the Goldmund 3500's peak current is
    130A with a 875watt loading into 4 ohm. These figures are in excess of Kharma's own recommendation by a wide margin (relative to the MP1000). The facts are merely a GUIDE as we all know other parameters play equally important role in the final delivery of performance. Nevertheless, some facts are better than none.

    When I closed my eyes, I could not feel the incredible depth, width and height described by the Kharma website on the Grand Exquisite. And the position of the speakers are around 3-4 feet away from the back wall compared with around 2 feet or less in the past. As far as the power is concerned, the projection of the soundstage could not reach my listening position. I told Mr.Wong frankly that I felt as though I was
    listening to a medium size speaker. The bass also lacks projectile quality. One the positive side, the strength is in the upper mid range. Transients are fast and the tone is elegant.

    Mr. Wong then suggested to pair the Goldmund 22H preamplifier with Analog Domain's Calysto. The facts are peak current is 70A, with a 550watt loading into 4 ohm. On the spec, the numbers are not as "large" as the Goldmund.
    We quickly connected the same speaker and interconnect cables to the Calysto. We turned them on and listened to the same CD "Pictures at Exhibition". The "incredible" sound field promised by the Kharma silenced us into awe. The soundfield is no longer trapped behind the speakers. The depth of the field re-emerges allowing the configuration of the orchestra to be visible. And the overall energy of the
    orchestra dispersed freely beyond the speakers with control and articulation. The refinement and elegance of the upper treble remains with a even more dynamical character. Mid range is as resolute as ever with smooth transition to the upper mid bass. The attack of upper mid bass is fast and weight of bass increases with intensity should the conductor calls for their services.

    That was quite an interesting session for both of us exploring the world of hi fidelity. The luxury of cross-matching super gears driving magnum class speakers is a scarce opportunity. And I have to say that the Goldmund 22H is a very good solid state preamp. We were enchanted by the great performance of this system striking a hallowed balance between musicality and resolution. We then moved on to the
    analog world. And that is very good too. Later on, I suggested the addition of two bass traps at the corners behind the speakers. They will improve the speed and overall resolution further.

    When the Chief Engineer of Analog Domain - Angel Despotov said to me, "I HAVE NO FEAR against whatever super amp out there", skepticism fueled my mind back then. But it was fully proven with my own ears yesterday. And what I shared here is impartially written with the correct context endorsed by Mr. Wong.

  • Even some audiophiles in Beijing knows the Analog Domain smashes the golden boy with ease.
  • Analog Domain continues to reign. The 1st pair of Artemis landed in China last week.
  • Picture of the whole family
  • Angel of Analog Domain working at AE1 today to prepare for an upcoming "revolutionary" demo.
  • In my opinion, this is the photo of the century in the history of hi end audio. We saw it on the spot. Angel is not drunk. Mr.Zanden was there. William was there. I was there. (Cassph just left). He was pouring water LIVE onto the Artemis just to prove that the chassis of Analog Domain is "water proof". When Angel says something that is well engineered, he means no bullshit. Kimberly of Stahltek saw him doing the same in RAMF at Denver this year too, I was told. This is just a snapshot. He poured 1/4 of the water inside the bottle until the surface of the chassis is flooded with water.

    Damn it. This is madness. Yes, I like it. This is pure madness.
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