I spent a portion of the hour reading the heated debate between you and Marvel. That was entertaining and rewarding at the same time. The swiss candy never really involves me. Your description of shallow soundstage, short bass and unnatural mid concurs my impression. Marvel, I am not on any side, don\'t misunderstand my words. It is purely personal opinon.

I am more interested in Voy\'s syren line amp. I got mine one month ago. It is marvelous. The flow of music is articulated temendously. It is quiet, fast, and dynamic. Build quality is also superb. The slim size of it deceived its weight. I was almost in for the wavac pr-t1, also a great lineamp, but I am pretty sure the Syren is better, I mean suit me better.

Voy, are you using the cantata monoblock with the syren? I can tell you the syren does an excellent job of playing opera, be it Anna, Von Stade, Los Angeles and Sutherland.



  • What kind of name is that? Another big ego in the forum. Wanna kick some butts here?

    I am going to set the syren up in an hour. I do have the cantata. What\'s the next question? Are you a horn guy?


  • I was informed today by AE that my Syren with the reference phono setup will be delivered to me soon. I am keen to learn from both Voy and Plato what power cord are you using for the Syren, is the stock cable good enough or the influence of the power cord is minimal.

  • Marvel bro, here you go! Bingo, another syren owner! You deep deep deep pocket. Swiss candy, french cholocate, duck feet, german space-craft and now the batman from England.

    The syren dosent taste like laffite, maybe closer to obrion. Like the great philsopher said, the flow of music is tremedous. Be patient, Marvel bros, the tubes need some time to erect. I sense silence. I sure can taste Anna later tonight.

    Shouldnt you the expert teach us what to do on powercord? Plato, the great philosopher, what\'s your take on the syren?

    You sure deserve your own label consistent inconsistent! You don\'t have a damn LP setup. Why the hell grab a syren with phono section? You must config with all silver stuff from wires, capacitors to transformers. Isn\'t it? Marvel bro.

  • Voy,

    This is what I am getting as option (fully loaded option I believe) for the Syren:

    Fully silver wired - all inputs & outputs
    Full set of \"Silver\" WBT Nextgen RCA sockets
    Silver coupling capacitors
    Silver Power supply capacitors
    Full silver wires on the Phono section custom made configs for
    Dynavector XV-1S
    Telfon Tube-sockets

    With the phono stage, that paves the path for me to venture into LP without getting the hassle of having another phono amp. Of course, the \'sentimental\' part of Marvel may still look for opportunities to benchmark this phono stage with a few in the market, AudioNote, FM, Lyra (hm...this one has a stronger likelihood to happen as one maestro has mentioned that this is the best sounding phono that he has ever heard and the best product among others in Lyra).

    Going back to the discussion on SACD, is it the format or the lack of a superb reading mechanism that is hindering a wider acceptance by the market? I recall Yamada san of Zanden has once engaged in some research for a super powerful SACD player/transport but eventually put the work on shelf as he thinks the clocking to pick up the SACd signal is never easy to get to the level of precision that he wants. I thought the Swiss Candy can achieve it somehow given their research work on the EidosReference.

    On SACD recordings, for those recent recordings directly on DSD format, I am pretty sure SACD playback is much better to provide a more dynamical and rhythmic playback with a longer harmonic trails on both extremes. Tonality is richer with more timbre on each musical object and image. This is a direct comparison between SACD and CD playback but from a total package perspective, Zanden transport+HeritageDAC combo is still not easy to come close.


  • My gosh! You son of a..... deep pocket. A silvery batman becomes your slave. That\'s shit load of money!

    Poor Voy\'s batman only have silver at the mouth and the ass. The transformer is not. That almost doubles the price!

    Don feed swiss candy to your lovely batman in silver. he doesn\'t like candy but serious stuff. Dont ever feed him with fat chic Norah J sacd. He couldn\'t stand it.

    I listened to my poor batman till almost morning at low volume. I wept for a few secs. Anna was very touching. She is real and palpable with human fresh.

    Marvel bro, your super batman will be a lone wolf, if you dont spind him a few black discs. SACDs, what kind of musical quality are there? You fancy Norah J, marvel bro? Those frequency extremes of sacd is giving you climax after one and other.

    Taste the real cherry, Marvel Bro. Your super batman will be fully charged and ready for an assualt.

  • Voy,

    I am in fact in deep shit getting the Syren both on $$ and space. I am still figuring how to swap play this new preamp with the Karan. Jeff, my friend in Taiwan, swaps using these 2 every 3 days and I wonder if I should follow him.

    You should go for upgrade to the full option as their phono stage is really superb as I am told. One could go for a separate phono reference amp to yield the ultimate quietness and stability.

    What LP system are you using? GM Reference? Just joking.
  • Marvel bro, you deep pocket says you got no bullets but there is a silver batman hiding in your pockets? Are you trying to make a mockery of poor Voy, the poor batman?

    Are you trying to be consistently inconsistent? You got big bucks for swiss candy, french chocolate, german spacecraft but no space for the super batman! What kind of attitude is that? Is Jlam watching this space? You got to talk to Marvel bro.

    I was fed by your audio portfolio since the birth of this forum, no $$$, please dont play hardball with poor audio souls.

    Show me the real balls.

    You got to have some taste, the batman is not swiss candy. He is serious, got a character, and need respect.

    I was going to tell you how my poor bat sings so far. But I have no mood now. You shut me up tonight.

  • Voy,

    You are quite a humurous guy. The batman will sound well with Marvel\'s swiss candy. We just know the batman will sing with Marvel superclock zanden.

    He got them all. Dont be serious.

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