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Mini Cessaro Wagner Horn speakers really rock!



  • A friend of mine followed after he auditioned a pair at my home.  He got his pair today. 

  • The mini Cessaro is so good! Strongly recommend!

  • 幫朋友post...他買了對BMW藍色

  • Thank you for all fans of mini Cessaro, we had sold 40 pairs since October. 80% of them, are not in the audiophile circle. This is very encouraging. Plug and play with Hi End playback quality is not easy, especially it has to meet AE standard.  Every single owner is tremendously happy with them. They bring joy to every family. 
  • In order to get the max potential out of this small speakers, a customer of mine bought a Dartzeel LHC (Little Heaven Corner) 208 integrated amp with streamer and dac and a 175 watt amplifier in one box.  He advised me to do a demo this way. I finally have some time to set this up 

    This simply blow me or anyway away.  The small speaker becomes a big speakers.  This sounds like an exaggeration. But l warrant everyone I don’t bluff. 

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